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Legends Of Zyconia Part 1

Updated on September 7, 2011
Minotaur | Source

Minotaur Madness

Shifting his weight he slowly lifted his head above the boulder's surface. He had a good view from his position. All eight were in sight. The crowd of minotaurs was spread in two small groups in the nearby field. Farther off six of them devoured a downed antelope, while the two closest to Terrek drank, face first, from the muddy river. He was lucky to be down wind or they would have attacked by now.

Terrek sank down behind the rocks and unsheathed his sword. The Council. even though he respected them, was beginning to annoy him. Did they simply decide he was expendable now, is that why they continued to send him on such near suicidal errands? Perhaps the Vicar's hordes were getting out of control and the council was forced to spread its forces much thinner to protect more of Zyconia. The odds would be a lot better if Perrin had been here.

Moving slowly to the edge of the boulder he gently slid into the murky water. Snarling and grunting. the two minotaurs lapped the water up like dogs. Although more intelligent then animals they were a lot less then human. Curiously one of the Minotaurs noticed a slight rustle beneath the ripples on the surface. Suddenly. the minotaur's thoughts were terminated.

Terrek, using the element of suprise, sprang from the depths. his sword swiping cleanly through the minotaur's throat. Not losing sight of the other minotaur he leapt back just in time to evade the second minotaur's finely clawed appendage. The minotaur now appeared angered by the death of the other and charged Terrek, a foolishly primitive, animalistic tactic. Obviously he wasn't the brightest of his clan.

Terrek, rolled sideways on the ground and spun his sword up into the beast's groin. It hit the ground howling in pain as Terrek regained his footing. Sensing an advantage and feeling slight pity for the beast with a swing of his sword he quickly relieved it from its agony.

A shrill cry penetrated the momentary solace. Terrek spun, he had let his attention slip too much and the other six minotaurs had forced their way into a small stone home further down river. He broke into a run in the direction of the scream.

The inside was dimly lit. As Terrek came through the door he instantly assessed the grave situation. A beautiful young woman was cornered, with her back to the wall, holding a candlestick and attempting to keep the minotaurs at bay with a horsewhip.

Terrek dove into the crowd and within a few moments with the element of suprise on his side managed to eliminate three of the six. Finally his sword was knocked clear of his grasp as one of the minotaurs pinned him to the wall with a heavily muscled arm. With agile reflexes the young woman threw hot wax from the candle into the rninotaur's eyes. Suddenly blinded, the animal went berserk releasing Terrek and wildly flailing his head around.

Terrek hit the floor and rolled over, retrieving his sword yet again. He was amazed as the disoriented minotaur stumbled and fell into one of his counterparts impaling him with both horns. Shocked, the impaled minotaur hit the floor dead. The other rubbed the wax from his eyes just in time to find Terrek's sword entering his chest. He also sank to the floor, and after slight muscular spasms. entered oblivion as well.

In the attempt to retract his sword Terrek was bowled over. Looking back he saw the final Minotaur with his sword and with a flick of his wrist toss it through a nearby window. Terrek stood, picking up the horsewhip nearby. The beast eyed him. This one was obviously their leader, he seemed much more intelligent than the others did, even in posture. The beast lunged but Terrek was too fast and, gathering his momentum. swung himself up over the creature's back looping the whip quickly around it's neck.

With sudden loss of breath the minotaur jerked and spun violently, attempting to shake off his smaller captor. Terrek, extremely battle weary, strained his muscles as the minotaur went completely crazy bucking wildly like a horse. Almost completely out of air the minotaur sank to his knees, but at the last second the whip broke and Terrek flew from its back into a nearby table. The table collapsed under the strain, splintering into several shards.

Terrek, now panting for breath, raised himself by one arm and slid himself into a standing position against the wall. His vision was slightly blurred and his head ached. The frightened woman, gathering courage, ran from the wall. Pulling open a cabinet at the opposite wall she frantically rummaged through it's contents retrieving a crossbow. The minotaur stood, and with a grand effort, charged forward as the young woman threw the crossbow into Terrek's hands. Totally exhausted Terrek brought the bow to level and fired. The bolt sailed straight through the minotaur's chest.

Still effected by it's own momentum the minotaur flew forward and crushed Terrek against the wall and with that Terrek blacked out.




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    • terrektwo profile image

      Candle Hour 6 years ago from North America

      dungeonraider - Thanks for taking an interest, I try my best to not disappoint :)

    • dungeonraider profile image

      Jason Marovich 6 years ago from United States

      One of the most difficult scenes to describe in fantasy is a fight, large or small. You handle this scene with thorough, but not overly descriptive - and thereby distracting - text. One can sense the intensity of the battle, Terrek's obvious combat skill, and the horror that a pack of minotaurs on the loose would cause to a human settlement.

      Great to see fantasy work on Hubpages. Voted up and awesome.

    • terrektwo profile image

      Candle Hour 6 years ago from North America

      Thanks Becky Katz glad to see you like it :)

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 6 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      Good story. I was looking for something to read tonight. I guess this will be it.