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Let Us Talk of Nothing

Updated on November 30, 2009


The sound of feet

   rythms of the river

eyes leeking sleet

   a voice I remember

how many times

   must I rise

      only to fall

how many times

   shall a disguise

      come as a call

Hold me down

   but your hands are not there

Kiss me now

   rivers running through your hair

Time's subtle spell weaves

   magic through these fingertips

as cold glass replaces

   the warmth of your lips

how many times

   must I rise

      only to fall

the bitterest disguise

   is that I was

      behind it all


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    • dyonder profile image

      dyonder 8 years ago from Colorado

      Thank You, VampireAlice; we have 2 matching Oaks in our front yard - oak = duir = door = they bring me much happiness in all they reveal

    • VampireAlice profile image

      VampireAlice 8 years ago

      awesome i love this