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Letter to the Native American Indian Nation

Updated on February 11, 2011

To The Native American Indian Nation

To The Native American Indian Nation:

I am but one person, I know it will not mean much, but it is all that I can do.  I would like to apologize to each and everyone of you for the injustices that have been done to your people.  I am sorry that it has taken so long to do this, but until now I did not know how.

I am an American Citizen and as such feel that I should accept responsibility, in part, for the plight of your people.   The lies that have been told to you over the years come from the people we, as American’s have elected to office.  For that I can only apologize. 

Giving you land for which you would have already owned, is not enough. All the things that are ‘given’ to you by our Government, is not enough.  Our Government continues to interfere with your lives.  Yet they won’t ’give’ you what you really want.  Your Freedom to live as you should.

I am sure there are others who feel the same way as I do, that you as a whole have been treated wrong.  There is no other word for it.  Yet you have survived.  That goes to show how strong you really are. 

The world is changing, we are headed for disasters unknown to us.  It will be a sad day for those who do not have the History behind us to tell us what to do.  Or for that matter, how to live.  Your History and the people who have passed before you, told their stories and have given you the tools you will need to survive.  In this area you are blessed.

Will you once again show us how to survive in the land that will be strange to us?  Only time will tell, if you should choose not to, personally I will not blame you.  History has shown us what being kind to others will bring.

I hope that as sad as it is, the things that I have seen on Television will continue.  So that others will get to see and feel the same as I do.  That an apology IS necessary and maybe we can help in some way to understand and get the people elected who can and will do something to free you from the confines in which you are bound.


Susan Gillihan


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    • Sweetsusieg profile image

      Sweetsusieg 6 years ago from Michigan

      @ Eiddwen - Not a problem! I finally figured out how I could say 'I'm sorry' to many! Thru HubPages!!

      @ Dave - Everything that has happened just breaks my heart. Just to know that we are the people who did this, fills me with shame.

      @ Peter - I have no answers, what we can do to help. I too have seen the poverty in which they live. The outcry for assistance in affording heat (in the colder climates), is enough to break ones heart. The question is, is the soil where they are 'placed' rich enough to grow food? Back in 'the day' the Indians migrated to different climates, now they are stuck... Maybe we could teach them how to preserve foods? I have no answers, only more questions. It's like they are living in a bubble... no room for growth.

      Thank you all for stopping by and commenting!

    • Peter Owen profile image

      Peter Owen 6 years ago from West Hempstead, NY

      It is heartfelt to feel sorry, but the big question is how to correct after all this time? the only answer is giving money. I encountered one of the Florida tribes several years ago and they still live in utter poverty, and noone cares.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 6 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Bravo Sweetsusieg: Voted up and beautiful! That took a lot of courage I feel to apologize and seek their forgiveness.

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      A very sweet ,caring and sincere letter. thanks for sharing this with us.

      Take care,


    • Sweetsusieg profile image

      Sweetsusieg 6 years ago from Michigan

      ahorseback - Thank You! What a nice compliment! I agree, we need to STOP attempting to move forward, we are doing nothing but leaving ourselves behind in an attempt to 'catch up'.. What's the point of having the ability to live in space, if there is no one to put there? If we can't survive here on our own, how can we possibly survive in a strange new world?

      gr82bme - Thanks, me too!

      soneblom - Thanks!!

      So glad you all stopped by to visit and comment!!

    • soneblom profile image

      soneblom 6 years ago from South Africa

      Sweetsusieg its people like you that makes this world go round :-) big ups to you!

    • gr82bme profile image

      gr82bme 6 years ago from USA

      I think I have to agree with ahorseback.

    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 6 years ago

      Sweetsusieg , now this is how all people should get to know each other, And as well on a personal level driving through the Navajo or the Lakota lands, I am startled by the lack of efforts of everyone , including the natives as to progress . I think America should stop space flight , stop a lot of foriegn aid , and economic waste everywhere , And then rebuild this great country that once was the freest , newest nation in the world. America was , where everyone wanted to watch dreams come true. We do owe a dept to the natives , we owe them a chance to become self suficiant , the chance to save themselves from our "system" of failure. We owe them hope. Nice hub!

    • Sweetsusieg profile image

      Sweetsusieg 6 years ago from Michigan

      Wow, there are so many sad stories of injustice that comes from the History of the people..

      Anger and regret. Yes. For me as a woman, tears as well at all the lives lost for no good reason. All because someone else wanted something that didn't belong to them. It would have been shared, if all that was wanted was to sustain life. Greed seems to be the biggest evil of all.

    • Pcunix profile image

      Tony Lawrence 6 years ago from SE MA

      I live in an area that was sold in hopes of purchasing enough firearms to drive out the settlers. They knew that they had not enough land remaining to sustain their existence if they lost, so it was a suicide move - an act of pure desperation. Yet of course our laws treat those sales as valid.

      Many other Indians were cheated out of lands in other ways. Of course subsequent purchasers acted in good faith and both the cheaters and those cheated are long dead.

      I have no answers. All I have is anger and regret.

    • Sweetsusieg profile image

      Sweetsusieg 6 years ago from Michigan

      @ Lilly - Thank you. I hope the word gets around, that way maybe more people will take it upon themselves to do something similar.

      @ Pcunix - WOW!! Fancy seeing you here! I'd begun to despair ever seeing you on my pages! LOL - Just kidding..

      Yes, I am sure there is something somewhere in my background of an injustice that was done to someone. It just seems that the injustice done to the Native American Indians continues. Maybe not to the extent it was once done (the slaughter of women and children) But the confines that they are forced to live in, rather than seeking their way of life, is no better. If the choice is made to live off of the reservation then in effect they will relinquish their way of life, and all they have been taught.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    • Pcunix profile image

      Tony Lawrence 6 years ago from SE MA

      Like you, I feel anger and regret. Some of my ancestors were among the earliest settlers here and some of them were participants in great injustices. As you say, we are only small voices and can do little.

      We do have to remember that many of us could find similar actions at some point in our history. Some of my ancestors were Welch and suffered indignities at the hands of the British. Still others were Britains and were overrun by Romans.

      The world is full of cruelty and selfishness. That doesn't excuse any of it, of course.

    • LillyGrillzit profile image

      Lori J Latimer 6 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

      This is a beautiful letter to The People. The feelings of your heart come through. Let this be a healing for the those of the Native Tribes and Peoples. Thank you for such a loving and beautiful Hub. :0)