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Letting Go:A Short Story

Updated on July 30, 2015
charlynjune profile image

Charlyn June has been writing since her elementary grades. She is a freelance writer who writes any topic from her clients.


It is hard to cling into something when you know that it is not really yours. Sometimes, you have to accept the truth but still pretend it’s not. You do things unwillingly hurting yourself only to prove your efforts. Selfish or not, you try your best to act as if nothing has happened and still willing to accept someone’s fault only to hold on to what you are fighting for.

But when things come to an end, it is the time to let go.

There she is watching the setting sun while listening to this song: “I’m done thinking that we could work this out, I’m done with how it feels spinning my wheels and letting you drive my heart around... I get a little bit stronger..”

Wiping her tears, she stands up and put the song off. “Yeah, right…I’m a little bit stronger now,” she says. “But I’m not yet ready to let you go…” she whispers.

What does letting go really mean anyway? It is free-willingly giving the full freedom to something or someone. When you let go of a pet, for example a bird, you remove it from its cage and let it fly with no hard feelings thinking that it will be happier that way.

She knows she still doesn’t have the courage to do that. She talks to family, friends, and colleagues and she intends to read real life stories to give her reasons and ideas on how to let go.

Someone said, “Just let him go, if he comes back to you, he is yours… if he doesn’t, then maybe you were never meant to be…”

Another friend said, “It is not yet over for you… we are still here caring and willing to cheer you up everyday.”

She just smiles with every word they say. She can’t answer them back because if she does, tears will just fall down from her eyes and she’s already tired of crying. Lucky she is, to have a wonderful and understanding family, caring and loving friends and colleagues, and cheerful kids who never let her down.

One morning, she woke up from a horrible dream… She was trapped in a dungeon where all she was left to do was choose where to enter first between two doors. Inside one door was her kids smiling and waving at her. In the other door was her kid’s favorite dress, a dress she reminded her to keep until she grows up and keep it for herself. Both doors got timers and she’s got a little time left. The dress is old and not so pretty, but there is this unexplainable love her daughter has felt for it that she told her not to give it to anyone but her. But, she has to choose between that dress and her kids. She wants nothing but her kids to be happy If she chooses the dress, she has to leave her kids first but what if she runs out of time? If she chooses to get her kids first, the dress might get lost and her daughter will surely get mad at her. She’s too confused and she doesn’t know what to do. She cried so hard.. until she wakes up and realized it was just a dream.

“Thank God it isn’t real..” she murmured. “But what if it is?” she added.

It is just a simple multiple choice, isn’t it? But to a mom, it is not. She may choose to get her kids first and try her luck to save the dress before the door closes. At least she can show her daughter her efforts to get it. But, she wasn’t given enough time so she really has to choose what to let go of. What really confused her there was the fact that her daughter will be upset if she loses her favorite dress.

After long thoughts, she realized she would definitely choose to save her kids more than anything else. She may get distressed but she will understand later especially when she would explain and teach her how to expect that someday somehow, people must be ready to let go of something they want most.

Suddenly, she got this idea from the situation. The dress was not what happiness only means to her daughter as well as one person is not what the world means to someone too. Letting go is clearly defined as true love, and true love means vice versa, like giving the bird its freedom to fly around instead of putting it inside a cage, because that bird is way happier when it is outside, and that is the true essence of it, giving someone you love what they deserve. Grant them what makes them happy, if freedom is what it takes then LET GO.


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    • charlynjune profile image

      Charlyn June 17 months ago from Philippines

      Dreams may even get you tired as if you were really in that situation.. :) thanks for the comment mam Elsie. :)

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 2 years ago from New Zealand

      Interesting, short story, but it gave me food for thought.

      I would certainly put my family first.

      It's funny how dreams seem so real at the time of the dream, but they sure wake up the inner soul within us and make us think.