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What are the games that Men play? Pt. 1

Updated on June 4, 2014

Young ladies – How do you avoid the trap?

The feelings a Father has for his daughter when she is born can sometimes be hard to put into words. As soon as she exits her mothers womb for most Fathers there is an instant bond that is developed and she will always be known as daddy’s little girl from that day forward. He can’t help but be mesmerized by her beautiful smile, eyes that have the power to melt his heart in two or her loving touch. As his daughter begins to grow they develop a relationship and he becomes her protector, her provider, her vision as to what her husband should be like when the time comes for her to marry.

Then you have the beautiful baby girl who grows up without a father. It becomes more likely that she does not know what it is to have a protector, a male role model to teach her how a man should treat her. If she has a mother that is constantly in and out of relationships she possibly becomes a victim of constant rejection at the very least, sometimes even worse. That beautiful baby girl grows up with a void in her life, not knowing the benefits that come with having a loving father around. This leaves her with many doubts, questions and no answers.

Yet these two types of girls will face the same problem when they start becoming teenagers. Teenage boys and young men that will target them as sexual prizes to be conquered and who will use every technique in the book to convince them that their motives are pure. So how do they accomplish this even with a girl who may have a stable family at home.

Many teenage boys and young men figure out thru many different ways the makeup of a woman. They come to understand that women are more emotional than men and they use that to their advantage. Sometimes in older movies when a young man was trying to convince a girl to sleep with him he would say things like “Don’t you love me?” It sounds funny now but in principle that is exactly what they do. A man understands that a woman’s ability to love is very strong, and so her desire to want to preserve a relationship can mover her to do what it takes to preserve it. She cannot bare the feeling of losing that relationship and having her mate think that she does not love him enough. Understanding the strength of these type of feelings are seen in relationships where the woman is abused physically, emotionally, or mentally but because they do not want to lose that relationship they stay in it hoping their mate will change one day. Some actually like it that way because of what they experienced growing up at home. So in a sense the young man uses the young woman’s emotions against her. What makes this even harder to overcome is if he does other things right, for example he may be real kind to her and use sweet words. Hey might use his money freely on her, show her affection, he might be handsome, or maybe he is popular. All these different things can cloud her vision as to what his true intentions really are.

Another trap these young men will use is comparisons. A man might try to make her feel bad by saying I can go to another girl and get what he is asking for. Or a lot of girls today are doing this or that and use that as a standard that she should be living up to. So by making her feel low and out of style and unable to bring satisfaction to a relationship this can strike fear in the young girl or woman and maker her feel like she is the one not pulling her weight in the relationship. If she is conscious about her reputation which many young women are than that adds extra pressure, the fear of being known as someone who cannot satisfy.

Then there is the “butter up” treatment, when a young man figures out that the young lady enjoys compliments. So now he is going to make sure he says all the right things, and compliment her as much as he can to make her feel special. Why? Because he understands that a woman that feels appreciated will want to show that appreciation back and so he will use that against her to get what he wants.

“Ill be your father” is another trap young men use on women to get what they want. If the young man realizes that the young woman never had a father growing up, he will represent what she would look for in a father in their relationship. Sometimes young women make it evident in the way they act that they are looking for that male figure and when a young man realizes this he will take advantage of the situation. You might ask how can he figure out exactly what she is looking for? Easy- he gets her to talk about her emotions and feelings, which a lot of women enjoy doing. He then takes that information and plays the part. This is especially dangerous if he figures out she does not want to be by herself, that she fears being lonely. The young man trying to conquer will use that to the fullest as a tool to get what he wants from her.

To all my young daughters these are some of the traps men use to try to conquer you sexually and use you. It should be noted that not all men are this way but it is obvious that it has become more and more prevalent. Nowadays a lot of young women feel that if they don't give in they can't have a successful relationship. If your father is in your life or not all these methods can be applied in principle one way or the other. You must remain alert and not allow your emotions to control your thinking. Learn these tips and keep them in mind. How can you recognize these traps ahead of time? What practical steps can you take to protect yourself? The next article on this topic will explain that.

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