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Life line

Updated on August 12, 2010

If only for a moment I could remember the exact scent of your skin

If I could feel the warmth of your hand as you reach behind the seat of the car to touch my leg

If only for a moment could feel it again

The comfort. The love that was passed from your fingers into the very core of my being

If only for a moment I could hear your voice again. Not to hear the agonizing silence you give me in my dreams

Just a syllable

A small word to give me what I miss so much

It's a painful detail trying to find the lines in your face

You left me

And the cancer took you before you were ready to let go

It's crushing to knowing I will never touch your master hands again in this life

I miss the mysteries I could trace with every vein that led to the very center of your wisdom and your truth

The life line to your heart, our heart because God did make us one

I miss the other part of me

With your hands you left me your legacy

I hope to find your hands in mine


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    • profile image

      Gavin 8 years ago

      thats reall good and its sweet