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Like A Rich Vignette Of Beautiful Words and Beautiful Images On Here

Updated on August 21, 2015

Of Us Shea's Living And Working Down the New Jersey Shore Line

To Do God's Will Be Done!

Down the Shore for a great while, and to breathe all the fresh, clean air and to walk on the gorgeous beach and look up into the big sky and on the shining water and waves of the ocean,

all so blue and magnificent and brillant. During August 2015, its hot out during hot summer days

and we relax and like to do our reading and do shopping and like to make many, many prayers to

that our Holy Father God in Jesus' Holy Name! We do believe and ask Him and receive all that is good that comes from our Savior and we pray that Baruch will spare us and that He will show

us infinte mercies and truths. And by willingness and good will and things to do, we will keep

right on accomplishing and achieving and doing right living and living well, and God willing,

we will be well and full of wellness and God's creative power for healing will manifest

and always to do the Will Of God, for we will do that together!

By Sherry Shea Jubelirer

This next piece of writing is called Big Rain Storm That Came Early AM

During August 21, 2015, at this time of 3:30am, a huge rain storm was brewing up in the skies

and we were laying in our beds listening to all thunder and lightening and rain water coming down upon this earthen area of Avalon, New Jersey and of areas. And of the gorgeous big skies clouds were bursting huge amounts of rain water washing everything upon this earth and so big was the amount of rain water spilling forth that we were awakened and I was thinking

that God must have been in the heavens and that He was taking care of the earth and that of my father's garden and by the sea that washed, that cleansed, that refreshed every living thing,

of all that glorious rain and beauty was evident. And so of the Holy Angels, we were listening to God and to the rain as we prayed...


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