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Living Truths Wrought By Experience.

Updated on January 22, 2010

Living truths: wrought by experience....

I once got

asked out on a date

with the most

beautiful girl in the world,

When I asked her

why she picked me,

worried that she was

just playing a cruel trick

or slumming with the

two steops below

bronze god crowd.

I even exclaimed that
she must have

little black

volumes of guys to call

but she replied

"No one ever

asks me out,

I guess they are

too afraid that

I'll say no, because they

think I am too

perfect for them,

and I am so

damned lonely!".....

Which leads

me to believe
that there are many

sides to a diamond

and the back side

is seldom cherished,

all of its inner assets

are hidden from view

but it is every bit

as much a diamond

as the many faceted

sides it hides behind.

Living truths wrought by experiences.

©~~~~~~MFB III



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