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Goodbye Poem | Farewell Beloved Home

Updated on January 1, 2016
Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home | Source

Farewell beloved Home.

I've been through a lot with you;

Realized significant awakenings,

You helped me grow.

Long and winding road
Long and winding road | Source

Though I may go,

To savor more about life I know;

The memories of you

Will forever be treasured as I go.

Hands of Wonderful Children
Hands of Wonderful Children | Source

Someday, I wish to see you

Continually rescuing wonderful children that I've known;

Helping them lead a good life,

Resiliency despite traumas gone through.

The road that would lead me back to you.
The road that would lead me back to you. | Source

Farewell my beloved Home.

Essential part of me wanted to stay,

God knows its not easy for me;

But I need to find myself for who knows someday,

the road will just lead me back to you.

About This Poem

This poem is my tribute to an institution for abused children where I was first called for work. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will always treasure in my heart. Keep on serving others in need!

Love Will Lead You Back


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