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Love and Murder (A Short Story)

Updated on October 22, 2015

Crime of Passion

I stand over the prone form of a man as blood dripped from a knife that I'm holding in my hand. I smile in satisfaction as I lower the bloody weapon to my side. I did it. I killed a major thorn in my side. He is now lying dead in a large pool of his own blood and never to bother my man--his son--Takuya, or me ever again. I had managed stabbed him more than twenty-three times with all of the strength that I possessed and with all of the hatred that I possessed. He had abused me in more ways that I could think of, such as beating me to a bloody pulp when his son wasn’t home. He actually raped me, too, here in this very house of his. When I told him what his father had done to me, Takuya had become enraged. He, too, had been abused as a child and this news that I had given him had prompted him to act.

Ikeda Etsuya tried to marry his son off to some other woman, whom I had also killed in a rage. I wanted to make it clear to the man that he could not separate me from the man I loved dearly. I love my Takuya and he loves me. He even had a tattoo in Japanese on his chest to prove his love for me. The once-elegant home office that I'm standing in is covered, painted really, in Ikeda Etsuya’s blood. There's blood on the floor, smeared on the walls, and even on the ceiling. This is definitely overkill, I know, but my Takuya had once said to me that it was better to overkill than under kill. His words still ring true.

It’ll ensure that they’re dead. He had once told me.


I meet with Takuya’s gray eyes, which are shining with satisfaction and pleasure as he inspects the bloody scene. They fell on the limp form of his father and a smirk crossed his face as he looked at the body. He saw no signs that his father had survived my onslaught and that is what he wanted. His father would no longer haunt him and he would no longer abuse me. We're both free from his control. Takuya approaches me and gives me the steamiest kiss as he possibly could, not even caring that I was covered in his father’s blood. This was a crime of passion. This murder was done out of love for each other. I have to be truthful. I would kill again if I had to and I would have no qualms about doing it, either.

“Well done. My guys will get this cleaned up and I will get you cleaned up.” He said with a smirk.

I return his smirk with one of my own as he leads me away to the nearest shower, with sweet and sexy promises of a life together whispered into my ear. No one would ever know of Etsuya’s disappearance. Ikeda Takuya’s gang was very good at covering their tracks. Yes, our life together would be a promising one.

(c) 2014 Jennifer

© 2014 Jennifer


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