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Marches n' May pt. 4

Updated on January 21, 2013
Ohh...what should I do?
Ohh...what should I do? | Source

I still couldn’t think of any excuse. If I would frankly tell him that I would cancel it because I already had money and the kids… he would possibly be offended… he would not return my money and my CD again. But if I would not tell him, then he would do it and in the end… I would have two minus one and I didn’t think I could pay him. I didn’t have money, remember?

After deep analysis, friction at last generated power in my brain. Light flashed on the bulbs of my head. Brilliantly. I texted him asking if he could make it by 4pm. I knew he couldn’t finish it with that span of time. He was not yet familiar with the song and he got tons of things to do, because they were moving out to Cubao. Hours passed and he didn’t reply. That was what I really wanted to happen. I wanted him to reply late so I could manipulate the situation. Unconsciously, Jeric gave my grounds for judiciously canceling the offer. Within me, I was sure that he would reply and he really did… but three hours late.

Got yah!
Got yah!

“I thought you already left me… and just took away my downpayment.” That was what I texted, but with smileys so he would have a light impact on him.

He just laughed. He insisted doing the track. He wanted to help, “ I hope you’ll succeed… it’s because you remind me of someone.”

And for some minutes, I felt my heart skipped some beats... I'm....speechless...


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      Jyothi 3 years ago

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