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Marches n' Mays pt. 5

Updated on June 19, 2013

I pushed my bangs out of my forehead. The leaves were falling and their dried herb-like scent mixed in the air. From that moment, I let myself be possessed by that story painted vividly in my mind. It warmed my soul and took my spirit to ecstasy.

May14. I was in Sta. Mesa to meet up with my close friend, Christian. He became emotionally affected after discovering that his father had secret affairs with other woman. His texts had me worried… it nudged my pocket to gave off few coins to ride the bus to where he was.

Suddenly, a take away vehicle arrived and took me as hostage. It was Jeric.

And I submit myself to a hostage play...


There was this unchanging serenity, so light that I could almost see myself floating up to the heavens and gliding along the bright colors of the rainbow.

It was how he called it. He took me to the new venue of their church. I could still recall how the stairs looked like. It was old and narrow but elegant. I remained standing there hesitantly following his way up. Admittedly, I was a bit scared. He even locked the gate.

“Will I be sexually harassed and murdered any minute by now?” My blood was running cold. It was not the rain’s fault… shivers was within me.

The lock was big and thick. I was staring at it when I heard his footsteps forth me. “Come, I’ll introduce you to them.”

“Them? I’m a minute closer to death now…” I just smiled at him trying to look cool and calm. “All I knew is that I just have to take my one hundred from him. Is this the price I have to pay? …I don’t want to be raped… I don’t want to die, please… not now… not yet…” I cried out to myself.

..."What will happen to me now?"

I pulled myself together and drag my shoes to the inside. But what happened next was something I did not expect. There was his Mom and some pastor and some family friends. I just had to smile. They were all smiling. I was tongue-tied. His Mom asked what my name was, I answered, “Marriane Castro” and then she smiled back.

“What is happening? What am I to you, Jeric? What are you planning?” I couldn’t stop myself from asking. I was lacking air though there was lots of oxygen in the space. He left me for awhile and so I just watched him while he was conversing to them. He had to process on the electrical wirings and I had to accompany him to Meralco.

We had again a ride. I had no idea where we were heading. It was like I was entrusting my whole self to a stranger. Naughtily he asked me, “So, where are you now?”

“… I don’t know… at your side, maybe?” I innocently answered. He just laughed. I knew he was having fun. And, though I hated to admit it.. I was starting to enjoy this whole thing.

We also headed to a cafeteria. There he returned my down payment. He had his lunch and I had a halo-halo. I was about to forgot the chips I had at my shoulder when my cell phone rang. Its space for new messages was full. “Oh geez…it’s already 3:30, I have a meeting with my group mates at school, they are waiting for me… we have to finish our project. I have to go. ” Ironically, I was their leader, but here I was, sitting beside a man who had taken me as his hostage.

“Tell them not to disturb us… you are my hostage now, I’ll not gonna let you go.” He was not smiling but his eyes were still angelic. “Or if I let you go, you don’t know the way back either…wait until everything is done.”


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