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Marches n' Mays pt. 8

Updated on February 2, 2013

Back in the Room

My feet were touching the floor. My hands were now leaning on the window pane. I knew I was back to reality. “How bizarre!” I exclaimed. “It inspires blossoms to untie their petals to bloom though not in season and not in time. Unraveling the truth and certainty maybe hard but… concealing passion is even harder.”

The voices got louder.

“Just three minutes and you’ll be on you march…”

“I wish you all the happiness…”


The breeze went on. The leaves rustled and the chimes continued humming its melody. It was my wedding day, same month of May. “Oh my…just imagine how time flies by… so fast…”


…and as soon as you come back,

the Spring flowers will bloom,

with their white, soft petals,

and then, through it all

we shall march

in May.

Thank you for reading Marches n' May from start to the end. I used flashback narration. How do you find the story? Please comment on how the story is written so I can revise it accordingly.

There is another story entitled as The Comeback of May which I am still writing. I think that will clarify some vague expressions in Marches n' Mays.
Keep posted!


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