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Marches n' Mays pt. 7

Updated on February 2, 2013

Yet the very warmth that embraced my confusions away was the one who touched my eyes to open.

It still amazed me how could a stranger enter one’s life and occupy it… enormously. About the song writing competition, I had the runner-up place. My friends and my professors rejoiced. “…at least we made it to US!” I just told them to look positive although I was mourning because of not having the first place.

I only got seven thousand as a cash prize. I had to divide it with my collaborators and I had my hands kept holding the eight hundred. I gave my mom some flowers and my sisters, a Custard cake. They were all happy. I made them proud… and that made me happy too.


As promised, I asked Jeric out so I can treat him at Tropical Hut but he was so busy and I just wished we could just have some fun at his house, where I could cook dinner and eat with him. I had this childish dream of house arresting him for taking me as hostage.

There were voices. I noticed that the clouds had moved along the spaces and had given way for the sun to shine.

March 21. Years rolled fast. My dream of becoming a cum-laude was fulfilled. I remembered I had sleepless nights and dizzy mornings just to finish the race. Researches, annoying professors, quizzes and deadlines were like threads tightly tied to each other. At the same time, Jeric had to put up a small business. It was hard to be caught in this busyness and be far from him. But I knew we both needed it. We also had to prove our worth and continue our existence.

At the end of everything, it was not the goals I strived to reach that had given me true meaning of worth and success, neither was it the medals or the trophies. These were the people whom I met and accepted and in return accepted me for what I was and what I was not. With that, I was home. I was important. I was needed and I was loved.



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