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Masters of Doom Episode 2: Divided

Updated on February 10, 2016


Previously on E.G.G, and Masters of Doom

Josh, Acacia, and Eileen were on top of the world. They got a new base, new gadgets, new friends, and everything was going great... until Josh got arrested! Unbeknownst to them, the Masters of Doom came out of hiding with a plot to take down E.G.G. Using her shape shifting abilities, Ailemara posed as Josh and robbed several banks, finally drawing E.G.G out for a long awaited rematch.

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Episode 2


Norman Osborn stood waiting with Harry as the garage door to the secret abandoned Oscorp factory opened and the Master of Doom rolled in on Gyro Man’s ball. As soon as they were inside, they all hopped out and went at it.

“You cost us that fight Julian!” Gravity Master accused.

“How!” Julian shouted, taking his mask off. “Come on Cylus! Let’s hear it!”

“You were about to blow us all up!” He replied.

“E.G.G was unconscious! We had ‘em! Well, we would have if Wally didn’t pull us out!”

“We were beat!” Wally replied. “We had our butts handed to us, and I really wasn’t about to go another round.”

“Don’t see why not seeing as how you did the least!” Julian yelled.

“Don’t yell at him!” Ailemara shouted.

“Don’t even get me started on you Mara! What happened to gettin’ the drop on them!”

“I would have! Then Acacia grabbed me and… threw my focus…”

“We can’t afford that in the field!” Cylus replied. “I didn’t have any of these problems with the Syndicate! They were hardened war veterans that knew how to take orders, and more importantly, how to fight!”

“Well you love ‘em so much, why don’t you just go back!” Julian shouted.

“You know what, I think I will. I was a god, now I’m just a patsy on the worst team in history. I knew this wouldn’t work from day one. I quit!” Cylus turned and walked out the door.

“You know what, I’m cool with that!” Julian called after him. “Cause ya’ll fools wasn’t gettin’ the job done in the first place. I took down E.G.G single handedly once, I can do again. I don’t need none of ya’ll!” Julian stormed out of the factory.

“Psh, I don’t even care about E.G.G,” Wally said. “I was a nice, happy, 2-bit bank robber, and that’s what I’m gonna be from here on out! Come on Mara.”

“… No.” She replied.

“What? Why?”

“What Acacia said… She was right… I’m the last of my kind…”

“Oh come on babe, don’t let her words get ya down!”

“Wally, my people… my family… they’re all gone. I have no one left…”

“You’ve got me!”

“Well, I know, but… never mind… You don’t understand…” She began to walk off, wiping tears away.

“Mara!” Wally started to run after her.

“Just leave me alone Wally!” She screamed, as she ran out of the door.

“Fine!” Wally shouted after her. He threw a mini gyro and leapt in as it expanded, rolling away. Harry looked at Norman, who had been silently observing the whole time.

“Are we just gonna let them go?” Harry asked.

“Yes.” Norman replied. “They need to figure things out for themselves. If they go their separate ways, then so be it. But if they come back, then we sweep up, and we try again.” Norman left the room. Harry looked back, shrugged, then followed his father.

* * *

In a small warehouse by the docks across town, several men sat around engaged in various activities. Most were at a table playing poker. Some were watching television, and others were chatting at another table eating dinner.

“Haha! Full house!” One of the men exclaimed, spreading his cards. Everyone else groaned and threw their cards down as he collected the chips.

“I fold.” One said.

“I swear you’ve been looking at my cards all night!” Another accused.

“Don’t need to look if you suck!” The man happily replied. Suddenly he paused. “Hey, anybody else hear that noise?” They all began to look around.

“Yeah…” A guy at the dinner table said. “What is that?” Suddenly the door was ripped off of the hinges and crunched in midair. Everyone jumped up as Gravity Master entered the room.

“Hello gentlemen.” He said.

“Aw geez, is that the Grand Master?” One of the guys asked.

“Gravity Master now.” He replied. “And yes, it’s me.”

“I thought you were dead sir!” Another man replied.

“No, I was doing something that turned out to be a monumental waste of time. But now I have returned. Come my comrades, the Syndicate has much lost ground and time to make up for, but if we gather the reinforcements at the other safe houses, we’ll soon have an amassed army large enough to…”

“Um… sir…” The poker winner interjected.

“You dare to interrupt your commanding officer!” He shouted.

“No, sir, I’m sorry, but, well, it’s just that… we’re retired…”

“What?” Gravity Master growled.

“Well yeah, I mean… you disappeared… we had no real objectives… the Syndicate finally just fell apart. Anybody that still wanted to fight just reenlisted and the rest of us, well… we’re living normal lives.” Gravity Master just stared.

“You’re kidding, right?” He said.

“No, we’re all really doing well for ourselves! Joey over there just got a book published.”

“My editor said it’s a guaranteed best seller!” Joey chimed in.

“And Mack, he just got promoted at his office!”

“Executive Director of Public Affairs.” Mack proudly announced.

“And me, well… I was gonna save this for dessert, but, I kinda just got engaged…”

“No way! Jamie said yes!” A man shouted.

“Attaboy Jimmy!” Another exclaimed. Everyone clapped and congratulated for him. Gravity Master just stood there in disbelief.

“I’m really sorry sir…” Jimmy apologized. “If you want, maybe I could contact some buds from my unit that might be willing to…”

“No, no, it’s fine…” Gravity Master said. “I guess I’ll just… check the other safe houses. Um, congratulations on the engagement.”

“Thank you sir.”

“You can send me an invite to the wedding I guess… I probably won’t come… but... yeah.” He turned and sadly left the building.

* * *

Gyro Man kicked the doors to a bank open and threw a mini gyro, causing an explosion. Everyone screamed and got down.

“Alright, money! Now!” He yelled, throwing a bag over the counter. Just then one of the hostages stood up. He was a scrawny guy with glasses.

“Get back on the ground!” Gyro Man shouted.

“No.” The man replied. “I suggest you leave.”

“Ha, and what are you gonna do to me, nerd!” Gyro Man shouted, throwing a mini gyro at his feet and blowing him back into the wall. The man looked up, his eyes glowing green.

“You’re making me angry.” He said, as he slowly began to bulk up.

“What the…”

“You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

In seconds everyone outside of the bank looked over as a monstrous roar emerged. Gyro Man quickly pushed through the doors, tripped over a trash can, got up, and kept running.

“MOVE! MOVE!” He screamed, running for his life. The Incredible Hulk walked up to the doors of the bank and snorted.

“Puny ball man.” He said, walking back inside.

“Puny ball man."
“Puny ball man."

* * *

Scramble was walking down the alleyways of New York in his original armor, mumbling to himself.

“Who needs ‘em.” He said. “I took E.G.G down alone. They were just dead weight…” Suddenly he heard a beeping noise. He looked up to see a small green sphere-shaped drone floating above him and scanning him. “What the…”

“Stolen sonic technology located.” The drone announced in a robotic voice. “Reporting to Doctor Doom.”

“What- NO!” The drone took off and Scramble scrambled after it. The drone soared up the wall and Scramble leapt onto the fire escape. He reached the roof to see it soaring across the buildings. Scramble immediately began to run after it. He fired multiple sonic blasts, the drone maneuvering to avoid each one.

“Come on Woodfin…” He said to himself. “Come on!”

“Teleportation in 60 seconds.” The drone said.

“No!” Scramble shouted. He jumped from rooftop to rooftop as the drone stayed just ahead of him. Scramble continued to shoot at it, but the small drone was too fast. Scramble ran faster and faster, he reached out, and touched it, but couldn’t get a hold.

“Warning: Contact detected. Evasive maneuvers engaged.” The drone said as it flew vertically into the air.

“NO!” Scramble shouted.

“Teleportation in 10 seconds.” The drone said. Julian looked around in a panic. “9…8…” He spotted a pole. “7…6…” He grabbed it and broke it off. “5…4…” He crammed the pole into his gauntlet, causing sparks to blow out. “3…2…” Scramble braced his arm and fired a large sonic blast, launching the pole toward the drone at light speed. “1… Teleportation…” The pole suddenly pierced the drone and blew clean through it. “Engaaaaaaaaa……” The drone shut down and fell onto the roof. Scramble ran up and stepped on it multiple times until it was pieces. He sighed and fell to the ground.

“That was too close…” He said. “Doom’s still on my back. I’m just lucky Osborn’s shielding us from…” He paused. “Oh… right…”

“Stolen sonic technology located. Reporting to Doctor Doom.”
“Stolen sonic technology located. Reporting to Doctor Doom.”

* * *

Night had fallen, and Ailemara was walking up a grassy hill, crying to herself.

“I am alone.” She said. “Living among those I had sworn to conquer.” She looked into a puddle at her reflection. She looked down at her ‘I heart NY’ T-shirt and jeans. “Acting as though I am one of them!” She kicked the puddle and angrily ripped off her clothes. “I am Skrull! Not human!” She walked up to the top of hill and looked over the city.

“Was this world not promised to us in the ancient text?” She asked. “Was it not written that this planet would bring hope to the Skrull Empire? Was it not written that we would prosper as we once did years ago in a home I no longer remember?” She sulked down and sat on the ground, hugging her knees. She looked up at the moon, sobbing.

“Why…” She cried. “Why am I the only one left? Why am I the last of my kind?” There was nothing but silence. “I NEED TO KNOW WHY!!!!!!!” She hid her head in her arms and began to cry harder.

“Mara?” She quickly stood and turned to see Wally walking up to her. “Hey, what are you doing up here? And why are you naked…”

“Go away Wally.” She said, sitting back down.

“Hey now, I just wanna talk.” He said, sitting next to her.

“What is there to talk about? You clearly don’t understand what I’m going through.”

“Well, sure I do!”

“Is your race going extinct?”

“No… But I know what it’s like to feel alone.” She sighed and turned away. Wally took out a mini gyro and started tossing it around. “My mom left when I was, what, 4? After that it was just my dad and my two older brothers. My old man was a drunk, didn’t care about anything but himself. My brothers pushed me around: sat on me, wedgies, nipple twists, wet willies, everything in the book. Typical sob story.”

“Well I’m sorry.” Ailemara said. “But you do not appear to be in turmoil as I am.”

“That’s the thing.” He said. “I’m not, and I wasn’t. Because before she left, my mom gave me something.” Ailemara looked at him.


“A little gyro ball.” He replied. “When you pulled it out it expanded, when you pushed in it shrunk. It was the most fun toy I had. Heck, the only toy I had. Anytime I was sad, or felt alone, I just pulled it out and played with it. It reminded me of my mom. It made me happy.”

“Do… do you still have it?”

“No, one of my brothers stepped on it and laughed at me. But that’s not the point. The point is, even when home didn’t feel like home…” He pulled out a small shard of metal laced to a necklace. “I always had something to remind me of what it used to be.” Ailemara gasped.

“This is So’ridium!” She exclaimed, grabbing the necklace. “A rare alloy forged on Skrullos! How did you get this?”

“I chipped it off the wall of my cell out of boredom when I was being held captive on your mother ship.” He replied. “Thought I’d keep it as a sort of ‘I survived the Skrull invasion’ souvenir, but I guess you need it more than I do.”

“Wally…” She hugged him.

“Anything for the most amazing girl in my life.” He replied, smiling.

“I am very grateful.” She said, hanging it on her neck. “Thank you.”

“No problem.” They stood for a while. “So… why don’t you have clothes on?”

“It was a… Skrull pride… thing…”


“…Let’s just go back already!”

“Fine by me!” The two held hands and left the hill.

* * *

Julian and Cylus approached the door to the Oscorp factory at the same time. Julian paused, turned around, and began to leave.

“Julian wait!” Cylus called. He stopped and sighed.

“Yes Cylus?” He asked. Cylus rubbed the back of his neck.

“So… going out on your own didn’t work out for you either, huh?”

“No.” Julian replied. “Turns out Doom still wants his stuff back. You?”

“Ah, the Syndicate is finished.” He replied. “I checked ten safe houses, they were either empty, filled with retired operatives, or occupied by homeless people.”

“Hm. Sucks.”

“Yep… Hey listen, sorry about earlier, I was steamed, you know? From losing the fight.”

“I hear ya.” Julian replied. “Ya know, I think we all said some things we didn’t mean.”

“Oh look!” They turned to see Wally approach with Ailemara hugging his arm. “I see the band’s already back together!”

“Yeah,” Cylus said. “Guess so.”

“So, can we try this again?” Ailemara said, holing her hand out. Julian smiled.

“Don’t see why not.” He said. They all put their hands on top of hers. “Masters on three! 1, 2, 3!”

“Masters!” They all shouted. They opened the door and walked in to see Norman waiting for them.

“Well, it looks like you’re all back.” He said. Julian sighed.

“Go ahead Osborn.” He said. “Let us have it. Get it over with.”

“Good job.” They all looked in confusion.

“Huh?” Wally said.

“What?” Ailemara asked.

“Wait a minute…” Cylus started.

“Say what now?” Julian asked.

“I said good job.” Norman repeated. “You had a disagreement, you worked it out, and now you’re back and ready for action. For the first time, you’re finally starting to act like a team.” Norman turned and left the room. They all stood in silence.

“He confuses the @#$% out of me.” Ailemara finally said.

“Tell me about it!” Julian exclaimed. And they all talked into the night, laughing the entire time.

Tune in next week for more E.G.G!


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