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Maximum Search Engine Impact Writing 300 Words

Updated on October 20, 2010

Powerful Impact

Maximum SEO Benefit Writing 300 Words

Conventional SEO wisdom suggests that writing 300 words is the minimum length of a webpage to have maximum search engine impact. Anything shorter than that is considered less likely to be worthwhile information deserving of either ranking or passing link juice.

For someone looking for maximum search engine impacts benefits from minimum effort that makes writing 300 words the ultimate goal. However, the same SEO experts recommend specific elements within the writing to maximize its overall benefit to the website and its search ranking.

The targeted keyword should appear in both the title tags and the H1 header tag.. Additionally, most SEO consultants recommend using approximately 10% keyword density. In 300 words, that means using the targeted key phrase every 30 words (10% of 300) which works out to approximately 3 times in the course of the writing.

Getting the keyword in the title and the header tags is easy once the writer is aware of the importance of doing so. Managing to work in the keyword 3 times over the course of 300 words can be more challenging.

Getting 3 keywords into 300 words of text is easy if you pay attention to placement and have a plan regarding how to get the words into the article. Typically a successful strategy would involve putting the keyword into the introduction paragraph, once in the body of the article, and once in the conclusion.

For example, this article targets two keywords / key phrases, “maximum search engine impact” and “writing 300 words.”

Neither phrase ranks highly for anything, but anyone searching for those topics is likely to be interested in both this article and perhaps, by extension what I do as a freelance writer.

In the end, that can be more useful than a large amount of less interested traffic.

(Microsoft Word counts 297 words above. Not too bad of aim, and success in targeting I believe.  Let me know what you think.)


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    • profile image

      ch1020 5 years ago

      Good information

    • pinappu profile image

      pinappu 6 years ago from India

      Great article and successful. I came here from Google search.

    • jhendor profile image

      jhendor 7 years ago

      I think requires minimum of less than 300words and they get ranked even higher than hubpages most times

    • profile image

      Justin 8 years ago

      Very good question, how many in the header ?

    • profile image

      Raphaël  8 years ago

      I believe 300 words is good in the content, but how many in the Header ?

    • Drifter0658 profile image

      Drifter0658 8 years ago from Carlisle

      Excellent assessment. By limiting the keywords and the word count we can actually write more naturally.

      Some folks gripe about Google's algorithm, but in truth, the google bots are smarter and pass more relevant content back to the database.

      That all sounds high tech, but in reality the search for relevancy is becoming more human and natural.

      To quote an old copywriting pro, "EVERY word on the page counts towards relevancy."

      Once again, excellent article on writing 300 words for maximum search engine impact.