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"Me and You and a Ghost Named Boo" by Selene Charles - a Personal Review

Updated on January 22, 2019
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When books are the only means to escape, what else is there to do but read? Reading is a passion and will forever be a means to escape.

Things just never get easier when the darkness is coming and going as it pleases, hiding just beneath the surface. Will this darkness finally take over and destroy Scarlett or will Scarlett find peace with her inner Darkness.
Things just never get easier when the darkness is coming and going as it pleases, hiding just beneath the surface. Will this darkness finally take over and destroy Scarlett or will Scarlett find peace with her inner Darkness. | Source

A Quick Summary

Book Title : Me and You and A Ghost Named Boo

Author : Selene Charles

Publication Date : April 17, 2017

Page Length : 300 Pages

Number in Series : Book 2 of 4 in the Southern Vampire Detective Series

Scarlett Smith is a Vampire with an inner darkness and that darkness has finally landed her in some hot water. Having been invited to a Vampire Ball, she knows they plan on killing her for killing one of their members. She spend her time trying to figure out how to keep herself alive during the ball and understanding the darkness in her. With Mercer and her Boo helping her, Scarlett find she is not alone. But it doesn't help when the ball was a decoy to kill her and Mercer, after they shared a very intimate moment. When she goes to confront her inner darkness, she learns she is more than just an empath Vampire. But that her darkness isn't her enemy and how to fight with it and trust it completely.

Review Time (May Contain Spoilers)

Let me start off by saying before you read Me and You and A Ghost Named Boo, you should read Fae Bridge Over troubled Waters. It is a novella that is referenced quite a bit in the beginning of the book. You will be left completely clueless with out since in it, Mercer is almost sentenced to death. Don't worry, he doesn't die, but the whole case around it is just super fantastic to read. It was very short and maybe only 100 pages long and can take about an hour to read in a single sitting. But it was definitely needed to not leave you confused in the second book.

I found this book to be amazing. The characters just keep getting more and more dramatic, but you finally get to see romance bloom better between Mercer and Scarlett. Though I loved James a ton. There were tons of problems throughout the book. With the Alpha away to find out his fate, the Vampire Ball, and the darkness in deep within Scarlett, you are on the edge of your seat the whole book. I was pleased to have a ton of questions answered about Mercer's relationship with Death and how Scarlett is tied into everything. And to finally understand what the darkness is and how it feels within her was amazing to see.

I definitely enjoyed how all the conflicts and mysteries in the book really allowed you to see how Mercer's love runs deep within his soul and heart. I think that being able to have Mercer finally explain and do things to prove he loved Scarlett was extremely nice. Since he is constantly pushing her away, to see him finally be vulnerable in front of Scarlett precious and exciting. I also enjoyed how she fought back, trying to push him away to keep her safe, knowing she may lose him. Though I did find it to be extremely tense at times and even caused me to cry at times. Especially when there were several time where I feared how they would both end up dead because of how stupid I thought they were being.

I also enjoyed watching Scarlett try to figure out every thing while being handed confusing riddles that only made sense in the end. I really loved watching her confront her fear of losing Mercer and how much she was willing to do anything to keep him and those she cherished safe from harm's way. To see how she was willing to let the darkness that made her feel like she was going mad take over just enough to kill anything to protect those she loved. Even though, that darkness is what landed her in hot water with a Vampire clan, I found it exciting to finally learn about that darkness and how it is the daughter of Death and War and how even she was weak where War was considered. It was pleasant to see Scarlett be strong for both her darkness and herself to keep them both safe. I found it to be really exciting.

I would rate this book 5 stars out of 5 stars for how intense it would be. I found the story telling to be amazing and truly captivating. As I had mention it definitely progress nicely and answered quite a few questions while till leaving you with some follow up questions that allows you to want to more. I did not enjoy needing to track down a novella that was needed to read it after I thought I had all the books downloaded. However, even needed, I still found it be exciting and kept you wanting more. I kept sinking my teeth into this juicy tale. I suggest this series to everyone. It is truly amazing.

© 2019 Chrissy


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