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Medusa's Dream

Updated on May 2, 2017

Look into my eyes,
No matter how enchanting they seem.
What do you see?
A crystal cove, drenched with emerald green?
A pool of love and affection? But did you see the sign?
Cautioning, warning ‘lifeguard off duty.’
Did you see the fountain of youth?
The holy grail,
Forever secluded,
waiting to be revealed.
I see twists, and turns.
A labyrinth waiting to be unraveled.
I see a forest,
But not just any.
One so inviting that birds sing with glee,
and the wind blows with beauty.
Look into these eyes,
Whatever they may be,
Whether it be a window to the soul,
Or a doorway between you and me.
Just don't find the key.
For the sake of you,
and the sake of me.
For once the door is opened,
The Abyss will call you home,
The sirens song,
Of an emerald green sea.


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