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Member of the Fang Dynasty

Updated on January 23, 2011
Member of the Fang Dynasty
Member of the Fang Dynasty | Source

Behold Naja atra, or a Chinese cobra, specifically of the Fang Dynasty. This  regally attired elapid probably ruled some time after the Tang Dynasty (618 to 907 AD), but before the Song, Ming or Qing Dynasties of the second millennium.

This particular specimen is the Emperor known to his serpentine citizenry as Fang Fang (logically enough, considering he had two identical fangs). He ascended — or rather, slithered — to the throne only after some serious viperly vituperation and rapacious reptilian intrigue among his many siblings.

Fang Fang had successfully bullied Chang and Pang, banished Tang and Nang, and reportedly had Wang and Yang defanged. It was rumored that he poisoned Zang, and otherwise terrorized the entire Fang gang.

After several years of his reign, however, revenge arrived in the form of his burly nephew ButtaBang. ButtaBang and his boys staged a successful coup, ending the Emperorship of that dang Fang Fang.   


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