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Memories of Glass Mountain – Flash Fiction Poetry - Accepting a Writing Challenge

Updated on September 8, 2019
Shyron E Shenko profile image

Shyron is a retired Customer Service Rep. for Verizon. Colleges attended: Triton, Melrose Park, Illinois and Elgin, in Elgin, Illinois.

Glass Mountain in the town of Memories.
Glass Mountain in the town of Memories. | Source

The Challenge and the rules

A writers challenge by Bill Holland (a.k.a. billybuc)

  1. We must have the word Mountain in our title

  2. We must use the 4 photo and they must be used with the story

  3. Short story ….flash fiction…. No word limit …. No prequel… No sequel

  4. We choose the genre

  5. Publish the finished article by September 10th

Note to Bill: I hope you do not mind if I write in rhyme,

it is just easier for me to write in poetry.

Memories of Glass Mountain

© by Shyron Shenko

Stacy arrived at the old farm house as the memories came back to life

Both good and bad from ten years passed

When she lost her son Jay

With the memories of the mysteries buried there

In the shadows of Glass Mountain, she felt the chill of night air

Just as she had the day she went away

As she wondered, would she be able to stay?

Or would the memories of lost loves again drive her away?

Ten years ago to the day

Jay Stanton had been on death row for eight years

His son just one year old when he was sent away

For a crime he did not commit

But a crime for which he would dearly pay

Stacy arrived at the prison

On her weekly visitor’s day

To meet with her husband and both of them would pray

Jay’s execution was scheduled two weeks away

I bought a farm beneath Glass Mountain

Not too far away

It has a family grave yard, I can visit everyday

Where you can rest in peace and watch your son grow and play

The rusty old barn on the farm in the Town of Memories
The rusty old barn on the farm in the Town of Memories | Source

She said I bought the farm dirt cheap

Because of the grave yard hauntings

From the mysteries that it keeps

And thought it a fitting place for you to sleep

The abandoned rail road yard in the town of Memories
The abandoned rail road yard in the town of Memories | Source

It has a rusty barn I hope to restore one day

And there is a rail road yard which is not too far

But we will not be disturbed by the abandoned Rails and Cars

Which is far better than the cells and bars

The grave yard on the farm in the town of Memories
The grave yard on the farm in the town of Memories | Source

Someday we will buy a headstone

Stacy told her son, no need Jay Junior told his mom

In the rusty old barn there is one

And when they read the words both of them were stunned

An innocent man

Jay Stanton

Is resting here today

His wrongful conviction will be overturned come the judgement day

Jay Stanton was buried in the grave yard on the farm

With just his wife and son standing all alone

The only family he had ever known

Now he would be safe at home

The day after the headstone was placed

Stacy gazed out the window

Glass Mountain looked like a great white whale

Rising out of a sea of misty clouds

Jay Junior and two friends were playing near the rusty barn

When Stacy heard the rumble and the crack

Glass Mountain had broken open and the avalanche

Buried the rusty old barn and everything else in her sight

After they pulled two small bodies out of the snow and ice

Unrecognizable from the crushing blows where the ice cut like a knife

With no report of missing children

Both children were buried in the family grave yard

Beside herself with grief Stacy knew that she must leave

And find a comforting place to grieve

She returned almost every day

To tend the house, the yard and graves

Back to reality

Back to today

Back to today and the memories

With the melting ice and snow

The rusty old barn looked like it did before

Tonight as Stacy laid down to rest

A boy knelt beside the pallet on the floor

Wake up mom!

Come on mom, come with me to explore…

© 2016 Shyron E Shenko


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