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Memory and Childishness

Updated on April 27, 2016

Memory holds the past life. Memory holds the past identity. However, memory is just the track of time. Memory stays, but time goes. As the time goes, the world expands. As the world expands, the past fades. As the past fades, the youth decays. Youth that is filled with misbelief. Youth that is filled with misconception. Youth that is filled with childishness. Childishness that results in obscenity, that results in egotism, and that results in shallowness.

Childish behavior triggers one to please, for the act of pleasing magnetizes praises. Praises that grant the feeling of self-acceptance. Praises that grant the feeling of self-worth. Pleasing behavior, then, triggers one to discriminate, for the act of discriminating invents authoritativeness. Authoritativeness that transient loveliness produces, that limited knowledge generates. Authoritative behavior, then, forms into hypocrisy, hypocrisy that grows into trickery; and arrogance, arrogance that grows into tyrannicalness.

This authoritativeness produces the illusionary thinking that the world is simply made up of schoolrooms, the erroneous thinking that life is all about studentship. This illusionary thinking fakes maturity. This erroneous thinking halts mental growth. Growth that soars into veritable adulthood. Growth that mounts into authentic maturation. Maturation that springs from memories. Memories that are broad-mindedly assessed. Memories that are unpretentiously appraised.

This pretensionless response to memories leads to the deep comprehension of realities. The reality that the act of pleasing results in the act of objectifying. The act of objectifying, that uses praises to control. The reality that the act of controlling leads to the act of discriminating. The act of discriminating, that uses authoritativeness to delude. The reality that the act of deluding results in the act of maltreating. The act of maltreating, that ends in corruption. This is the reality, the reality, childishness creates.

However, childishness is just the initial part of the lengthy process of growth. Childishness is just the starting point of the lifelong process of maturation. This reality, childishness creates, is meant to be just a memory.

Memory and Childishness

Ae Clane


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    • Harishprasad profile image

      Harish Mamgain 22 months ago from India, New Delhi

      You are right, the world is not a class room. Maturity comes with growth.