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The Monster Lurks: A Micro- Poem and Creative Writing

Updated on February 8, 2019
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John has been writing poetry since his school days. He was awarded the "Best Poet 2014 and 2021" Hubby Awards.

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The Monster Lurks

A monster lurks in the darkness

It waits in patience

Silent and still

For me.

When the conditions are just right

It stirs from slumber

Ready to spring

To life.

I pray that it may storm

The monster fears rain

It stays hidden

Those days.

I know where it is hiding

Trying to ignore it

It scares me

The mower.



The above poem was inspired by a piece of prose I wrote while at school many years ago. I have been looking through my old files and just came across the original, so thought I may as well share that here as well. It is totally as written when I was about 15 and unedited.

The Monster

Beneath our house lurks a monster, silent and still, waiting in patient expectation for the time when it can spring to life and obliterate all in its path. Hiding, almost unnoticed in the semi-darkness it is rarely given a second glance, it's calm demeanor effectively disguising its destructive intentions.

Anyone who enters this dark domain is carefully scrutinized in anticipation that they may be about to unleash an awesome power which lingers like a tightly wound spring trapped and straining to escape.

Although I dread this moment, the ultimate time has come. The demon has to be unleashed and as the holder of the key 'the chosen one' it is my duty to free it from its cage, bring it to life and attempt, with all my mortal strength and intellect, to control its unbridled power.

Carefully I seize the sleeping monster pushing the motionless body into the sunlight it has been denied for what seems an eternity. I open its mouth slowly and quench its thirst with a magical life-giving liquid.

Tightly grasping the strong rope encircling the creature's neck, I pull with all my strength in an attempt to rouse it from its deep slumber. The first tug results only in a feeble growl and is not enough to stir it into action. The second attempt is equally fruitless, but the third succeeds in extracting a fearsome roar and the monster springs to life eager to devour anything which dares to confront it.

Bravely I follow behind holding tightly to this creature from Hell, trying to control its fury and harness it for the good of mankind. All the while I am aware of the danger of venturing too close to the fearsome teeth of this demon, and that one slip or loss of concentration could prove fatal.

Mine is a job of great responsibility and requires supreme courage, but as I am the chosen one it is my duty, as protector of my family, to succeed.


Here it is, the weekend again, and wouldn't you guess - the lawn has to be mowed! If there's one thing I really detest it is mowing the lawn, but it's my job and the only way out is to pray for rain. "Please God, make it rain."

© 2013 John Hansen


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