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MirrorAthlete's 1st Book Publication 2018, Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Consulting Trade Secrets Revealed

Updated on December 22, 2017

Choose Activities that Motivate you to Move More

Adjusting GoPro - At 1:40min/sec Swimming With the Turtles

Enjoying the Kauai Beach Walk after the Swim


MirrorAthlete New Book Release

The title above is not the title of our 1st Book... Instead it represents portions of context within the book - based on some of our fit healthy lifestyle principles and self-help information.

To learn more about our first book publication, release date and how the content of this book "like no other" will improve and motivate natural healing and healthy lifestyle change.. increase fitness levels while reducing excess body weight naturally; improve wellbeing; relieve pain and increase longevity - read on.

MirrorAthlete's soon-to-be released publication is an exciting insider's fitness and healthy lifestyle truth book. Beneficial for those who've struggled with failed weight loss efforts, or suffer from physical pain, illness and disease. Or those who want to feel well or become more fit and enjoy better quality life experiences

The powerful principle that are the cornerstones of the powerful insight also provides the consulting-program tools to help quit a bad habit, or provide the motivation and will power necessary to change lifestyle in a way thought NOT possible. It is also designed to show the novice or professional sports player... fitness buff... anti-ager or body builder the insight necessary on HOW - to achieve the optimum fitness, lifestyle change or well-being and performance results possibilities.

The official book title and subtitle will be released: 1st half of 2018.

Also included is a link to a hub page you may find of interest "How I began MirrorAthlete Book Manuscript.".

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Community Trail Walking-Great Aerobic Exercise

Community Outdoor Exercise Activities

Ill-Health Prevention Education Starts with our Children

Through personal stories, years of fitness consulting experiences, client work and real world experience and education within fitness, healthy lifestyle, nutrition and other related industries, a unique and powerful principled fitness and healthy lifestyle philosophy and consulting principles and self-help tools evolved.

Now 10 years in the making, I'm able to share these hard to find industry fitness and healthy lifestyle consulting practices and trade secrets with the consumer. There is a reason this book project took 10 years. It is a multi-dimensional informational and factual narrative on personal fitness trainer experience, client consults, consumer safety and medical referral advocacy and fit healthy lifestyle change book and so much more. It will motivate and inspire anyone to apply these principled fit healthy lifestyle change practices so anyone can live life to the fullest.

These practices can also be applied within ill-health prevention, healthy lifestyle and recreational programs by educators currently not core requirement in K-12 schools. But to educate our kids out of childhood obesity will be a challenge. The food, pharmaceutical, health and fitness industries don't want the consumer to change habits

You'll learn how they keep you and your children hooked on a destructive ill-health and bad habits path throughout the stages of adulthood. And why local governments don't prioritize more public use city recreation activities and facilities. And how bigger government and it's unions with their special interests keep ill-health prevention and healthy lifestyle education out of our schools! Find out why epidemiologists report our nation and now our children are facing an obesity epidemic.

Also learn how our social, economic and political culture contributes to unnecessary physical and mental illness and disease. Once educated on consumer and industry facts, it's not difficult to motivate oneself out of an unhealthy lifestyle once you know the marketplace truths and half truths and flat out lies.

Learn how to customize a relative fitness and healthy habits plan and program that works for you. It's more than possible to improve upon wellness, fitness levels and health condition, limited mobility challenges to improve quality of life experiences.

This is all possible once you know the truths the marketplace hopes you never discover. Find out what it has been keeping from you and your family and put the power of this knowledge in your hands and finally live life to the fullest through natural and safe fit healthy lifestyle change habits. Learn how to lose weight naturally and safely, get more fit, reduce health risk and live life to the fullest.

Relative Fitness Programming Knowledge is Powerful Information

Choose Organic over Processed Foods to Feel Well

Fit Healthy Lifestyle Activities Saves Lives

The best part about our unique self-help lifestyle change and fitness book..." We show you how to customize a fitness and diet program relative to fitness goals and lifestyle at any age. You won't speed hundreds of dollars for professional consulting services to achieve the results you need and want now. I show you how to do this in an easy step-by-step, self-help format of your choosing that works relative to your lifestyle, environment, health condition, current fitness level and age.

It also provides powerful insight and value for any consumer safety advocate, sports athlete, physical educator-instructor or coach, life coach, fitness trainer, health and wellness advocate, vocational rehab, nutritionist, sports medicine, corporate fitness program leader, professional sports players and city recreation organizer, etc.

The book is also special because of the way it's uniquely written. For instance, its timeless information can also help anyone at any age of health condition - to sustain fitness levels and healthy longevity and perfect for the "ageless active adult."

The author also provides a personal pain adversity and limited mobility challenge story throughout the chapters that helps connect the books self-help fitness and healthy change programming content to enhance the reading experience

Within the first two chapter you'll learn how to relate and apply the information to begin feeling better about your physical, mental and spiritual and wellbeing challenge.

To stay up-to-date with our publication release date visit our MirrorAthlete home sight.

Good health to you and your family!


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