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Wilbur Smith." Monsoon" a Courtenay family Novel

Updated on February 12, 2013

Wilbur Smith - Monsoon a Wilbur Smith Novel

Have you ever had a book that you can't put down! A book where the excitement is building from the beginning and you find that you are reading quicker, reluctant to slow down, you must get to the end of the book. You must!

I can recommend the book. It is a Wilbur Smith Novel;"Monsoon". It is part of the series of the Courtenay family that he has written. I picked this book up in isolation, not realising that he had written others in a series so you can read each book without reading the others; although your enjoyment is increased the moer that you do read of the series.

The book follows the Courtenay family at the dawn of the eighteenth century. King William is on the throne and England is at war with France. The Courtenay family has 4 sons ages from 12 to 25. The eldest "Black Billy" is, as his name suggests not a nice man who is avaricious and beats his wife. His little brothers, Tom and Guy are 15 and growing up although they have different temperaments, with Tom being adventurous like his father and his twin Guy being initally described as a loving but quiet boy. Dorian completes the family at age 11- like his brother Tom but the baby of the family. All the boys mothers have passed away.

The book follows the boys father ,Hal Courtenay on his voyage to the "farthest edges of the known world" to stop corsairs (pirates) from interupting the trade of the mighty East India Trading Company. Hal is forced to take his three youngest sons with him as they are sure that Black Billy will hurt them. The family face calamity on the voyage resulting in death and capture. The book then centres on Toms attempts to find his brother.

The book captures the detail of society at that time. It explains the cramped conditions on the ships, illness, doctors beliefs and surgery. Throughout there are references to bodily functions and disposal of waste- it is a theme that runs alongside that of bravery and challenge. At times it really is "death or glory" and some of the detail is a little gory but it is possible to skip that bit and not lose the plot.

There are some sexual references which might prevent you from giving the book to a young person.

So, don't delay go to your bookshop and buy a copy and settle down for a good long read. If you enjoy Wilbur Smith novels then this is one that is not to be missed. If you can't get to your bookshop ( and who can these days unless you live in a big town), take a look at the on line suppliers such as Amazon. They have an amazing catalogue of books and will have a good selection to choose from. Who knows, once you have read this one you may go on like I have and read other novels by Wilbur Smith.


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    • CASE1WORKER profile image

      CASE1WORKER 7 years ago from UNITED KINGDOM

      I really recommend this book- in fact i am trying to buy the next in the series

    • profile image

      saladlover21 7 years ago

      i think i might just read it