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Moon Warior

Updated on December 21, 2010

The Brave One

The Moon Warrior.

The Moon was once called a Mighty Warrior.  The Moon was brave, courageous, and full of honor.  There was only one thing the Moon was weak against, and only if he thought too much about it; it was his loneliness.  The Moon had heard only faint whispers of there being another one such as himself, but he also heard that they existed far away from him.   The Warrior continued to serve and keep a watchful eye out for his Mother Earth.  He circled her, sometimes closely, sometimes keeping a distance, making sure he could and would defend her against any harm.  Ever since he could remember, there had been The Golden One, who kept watch over both him and his Mother.  Looking at her, the Moon would feel comfort, that his task of protection was also overseen by someone else.  Time did not seem to trouble the Moon, but one day he noticed that he could not see the Golden One, and feared she had deserted them.  The Warrior was heartbroken, and could do nothing than feel sorry for himself and his Mother.  Soon, he also forgot his Mother, and despaired for himself only.  How lonely he felt, lonely and cold, with only the stars to wink at him from miles and miles away.  Suddenly, when the great Warrior had almost given up all hope, a bright warmth inched its way along his back.  He turned, and saw The Golden One fearlessly sweeping by, on the other side of his Mother.  She had not deserted them, but was only checking that nothing could attack from behind.  From that point on, when the Golden One disappeared completely, the great Warrior would wait, and watch, and sometimes become afraid, that this time The Golden One would not reappear, but disappear forever.  It was only in this time, that the great Warrior would be afraid, as he was braver than brave, and more courageous than ever most of the time.  But Time meant very little to the Moon Warrior.  


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    • Larael profile image

      Larael 5 years ago

      Yeah, it was just one of those quick shorts that come upon you suddenly and for no reason. I'm glad I wrote it down. :) Thanks for the comment Barnsey!

    • Barnsey profile image

      Barnsey 5 years ago from Happy Hunting Grounds

      A cool fable, I like it! Just came up with that out of nowhere?