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Mother-In-Law Tribute

Updated on March 31, 2014

I created this inspired personalized poem from the testament of love expressed by my sister-friend Brenda Byrd McMillon for her Mother-in-Law. What a beautiful example of support to emulate and facilitate harmonious bonding and increased love in extended relationships birthed through marriage.


From your daughter-in-law with love

To my wonderful Mother-In-Law,
it is a pleasure to convey
the honor of celebrating you
for your special day.

It is a privilege to pay tribute
to a woman such as you,
your generous heart and sweet spirit
shine through all the helpful things you do.

Whenever a need arises,
you don’t follow the traditional trend.
You automatically give your
assistance and you are
great with your grandchildren.

You have treated me like
your own daughter
since the day I married your son.
You are there to
offer motherly advice,
yet you are never meddlesome.

As a Mother-In-Law, you’re a treasure,
you talk straight and
you don’t take sides.
I appreciate your encouragement
and wisdom, and that
in you, I can confide.

Your life has made a difference
through your presence and
the love you share.
What a blessing it is to know you
and to rejoice in another year.

Be blessed,

Jo Anne Meekins


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