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Mother (a poem inspired by Nellieanne H. Hay)

Updated on February 2, 2015
© Nellieanna Hay
© Nellieanna Hay | Source

Nellieanne H. Hay

Nellieanna Hay is the most remarkable women I have ever met in my life. Her outstanding intelligence, wisdom, insight and vision sparkles on the pages of HubPages. Not only in her own hubs of delighting and enlightening poetry, but also in the comment sections of hundreds of hubs, she shines like a brilliant diamond in a piece of jewellery.

Since my arrival in HubPages four years ago, Nellieanne inspired me. Not only to become a better writer, but in particularly a better person more able to handle life with all its ups and downs. Her poems and comments contain vital principles, important guidelines and advice one can blindly take to heart. Sometimes she confirms my own perspectives and philosophies, and sometimes she expands my pattern of thoughts and makes me see/hear what I have never heard/seen before.

Nellieanne is the epitome of endurance. Like all of us she travelled through paradises as well as deserts, but in a very unique way she managed to stay intact - not spoilt by the good or harmed by the bad. Throughout her life she grew from strength to strength, and although I have met her only four years ago, I know she must have been a role model since she was a little girl.

Nellieanne was born on the 2nd of February 1932 and is currently, at the age of 83, still as healthy and energetic as a spring chicken. She is emotionally, physically and mentally independent and always willing to share her philosophies and convictions. One of her most admiring qualities is her ability to support, advice and encourage others without allowing them to become dependent on her guiding.

I see and experience Nellieanne as my mother in cyberspace. In fact, she reminds me of my own mother. The only difference is, my mother, being an introvert, cannot express her thoughts and beliefs the way Nellieanna does hers.

I can go on, praising Nellieanne H. Hay forever and a day. I can suffice it for me to compare her in a poem to the elements of nature.

© Nellieanna Hay
© Nellieanna Hay | Source



Like the sand along the shoreline

embellished with pebbles and shells

she urges me to contemplate

her purpose in my life.


Like a precious stone

set in a bracelet of gold

she holds me in awe

of life and love.


She is a beacon, a rock,

worthy of my trust -

A piece of fertile soil

for my thoughts to grow.


Like flames in a fireplace

she keeps me spellbound

Her knowledge and wisdom

expel my ignorance.


Like a stream of cool water

she quenches my thirst -

the thirst of my soul

for aesthetic delight.


Like a whiff of fresh air

flavoured with jasmine and roses

her words always enthral -

She's elements of love.

........ © Martie Coetser

© Nellieanna Hay
© Nellieanna Hay | Source
 Martie Coetser
Martie Coetser

© 2011 Martie Coetser


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