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Murder It Is: A Poem

Updated on May 17, 2015

Art by Brian Loewer, LVidoni5

Murder It Is.

The jury said, "Murder!"
A blurry line for the obscure observer.
The words and lessons
the prosecution's presenting
have me feeling like
I was born guilty.
So, read between the lines,
as I stick up three phalanges.
They say they'll show mercy,
as they force me to my knees,
bloody guts and cigarette butts.
They slammed me in a cell,
that corrupt collection,
destructive human cells.

Who can tell the truth,
from the lawyers lies?
If I was guilty,
I wouldn't confess, nor deny.
And because I am not,
I'm culpable of all.
"I didn't do it!"
Says the man who didn't,
and the one who killed them all.

© 2015 Brian M. Loewer All rights reserved.

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Hello all.

After experimenting with other writing sites comparable to Hubpages, I've finally decided to make my way back to the site that started it all for me. I've had a passion for poetry ever since I was a young child, writing poems about being a spy, traveling the world, and the occasional poem for an elementary school crush. My process for writing poems is different every time. My newest poem, "Murder It Is" is one of those short pieces that was made on a whim, and a quick whim at that. Some great things take time to develop, and others bloom in an instant. I'm not claiming any greatness, just a desire to make something beautiful, and expose truths that lay below the surface. Through the muck we expose beauty. I hope you find your beautiful truth.


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    • Eric Flynn profile image

      Eric Wayne Flynn 2 years ago from Providence, Rhode Island

      Voted up and Interesting. Love the mischief and duality of this piece. Excellent.