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My Daughter Lies!

Updated on April 28, 2017
Juliet Stewart profile image

Juliet Austin- is the Mother to three well rounded Children, the smartest most adorable little Boy calls her Grandma.

A piece of my heart is leaving me for a Year maybe more

How will I survive without her?

She is a reflection of the best part's of me

One of my inspirations one of my reasons for breathing

But she lies a great deal

So I should be overjoyed by her departure

Her promises to me that she would never grow old never leave

And by all accounts would always listen to her Mothers advice.

And she cheats

She has cheated me out of the joy of watching her turn into a Woman

With her own convictions, and beliefs

She has thus far cheated me out of the joy of having Grandchildren

And she cheats at cards and chess.

She is a skilled thief.

She stole my breath when on her I first laid eyes

Now she steals my smile

And the joy her close proximity has given me.

She has stolen my heart

And with it now prepares to take flight

I've decided that she has no redeeming qualities

And is more like her Father after all.

This was written for my Daughter as she left for her first job out of State as a Counselor, she loved to cheat at monopoly, card games, chess it gave her father and me endless Nights of laughter as she would slip a card from discarded stack.

Copyright clause: As it pertains to all written work Copyright Laws and plagiarism Laws applies cannot be copied or used in part or totality without giving credence to the Author as it stands under intellectual property laws. All pictures in my article to include Family and Friends pictures were uploaded under the free usage Laws at the time the Articles were posted to Hubpages. And as such are subject to free usage Laws. Unless otherwise indicated as far as privacy Laws were indicated. Loss of "source" information due to computer failure or transfer of articles does not negate guilt. Free upload laws apply.

I do not own the rights to artist's depictions of the character's used nor any royalties gained from outside sales, sales not generated from my writing through depiction or creative interpretation.


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