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My Experience On Bubblews

Updated on March 22, 2014
All you need is a computer and internet access.
All you need is a computer and internet access. | Source

New Bubblers at Bubblews

Published November 8, 2013 by Mary McShane

If you have not heard about the website named "Bubblews" by now, you will be hearing about it very soon. They are signing up hundreds of would-be writers every day under the banner of making money by writing and making it "fast."

The site was started by Arvind and Jason in February 2012 with the concept of providing an ideal community of paying writers with advertising dollars. They split ad revenue 50/50 with their writers (Bubblers) for every post, view, comment and media share made on their articles - which they refer to as "Bubbles."

I read some of the hype written on other websites. Several websites marketed Bubblews as an employment opportunity "Make Money Writing From Home" by writing articles for their website. I already write at Full of Knowledge, ExpertsPages, Blogger and Teckler, none of which require more than a few hours time investment on my part, so I thought "why not sign up and take a look at it."

I could have just looked over the articles, but I thought if I didn't sign up, I would not be able to comment or like any articles without an account. I signed up using the ID "fictionwriter".

I spent two hours reading the area titled "New Bubblews" to see what kinds of articles were being written. This is a section that as each Bubble article was published, it spits out like a blogroll to show it is available to be read, viewed, liked, commented, and/or shared. Many people make their "connections" from this section so new Bubblers gain likes, views and comments, encouraging them to keep writing, stay with the site, make connections and make money from it all.

I told myself I was only there to look around and make a decision to write or not to write, but by the end of two hours, I had made 25 connections with writers who I felt had written quality articles. I really just wanted to see if I would fit in.

Bubblews pays per like, view, comment, or media share
Bubblews pays per like, view, comment, or media share | Source

How Does Their System Work?

The Bubblews website depends on advertisers, but firstly, it depends on writers. If they don't have writers, they won't be able to attract advertisers. They do not quibble about what type of writers sign up. Everyone is welcome. That does not, however, mean everyone will make good money.

When someone signs up with Bubblews, it is made clear that you don't have to actually BE a writer. They are encouraged to just write about what is going on in their world.

And they do.

There are articles about what they did this morning, making their morning coffee, their ride on the train to work, their shuttling their kids off to school, how their very own Bubblews system is making them more money than any other Bubblers on Bubblews, recipes of all kinds, about their fears, about their loves, about their not getting paid for their writing and much more.

Getting paid and not getting paid are the topics of at least one article in each writer's library of articles.

  1. If they got paid, they write about it.
  2. If they have just clicked the "redeem" button, they write about it.
  3. If they clicked it and are waiting for their money, they write about it.
  4. If a day has gone by and they haven't been paid, they write long articles tagging the CEO's asking why they haven't been paid. Then they start asking for input from other Bubblers.
  5. If more than three days has gone by, it gets ugly. They start linking their articles to new articles, often asking others to look and see where they might have broken the rules.

And many do break the rules, some just don't realize it.

It's all about the "Likes"
It's all about the "Likes" | Source

Breaking The Rules

The word "plagarism" is a foreign word to people who are new to writing. They have no idea that the recipe they just copied and pasted is called plagarism. They have no idea that copying and pasting a news report from their local newspaper's website is plagarism. They have no idea that posting photographs without giving author credit is a big no-no.

They will not get paid for the views, likes or comments of these Bubble articles, but as far as they are concerned, they published them, got likes, views, and comments and they should be paid for them. Not so, the Bubblews way.

When the "Bank" reaches $25.00, each Bubbler is allowed to cash out by clicking the "redeem" button. How long it takes you to make $25.00 depends on how many connections you made, how many likes, views, and comments were tabulated from your articles. Once redeemed, whether you get receive payment or not, that counts as one redemption. Then your Bank starts over from $0.00 so new clicks can be counted, and you are on your way to your next Redemption, which is all many Bubblers live for. (Update: Bank now has to be $50 before being paid.)

I don't know anyone who sits and counts up how much they are owed; most people take Bubblews' word for it that their Bank is correct. They do count their articles and their connections though! There are people writing on the site who say they have not been paid for more than three redemptions and yet they stay and keep publishing, always writing at least one article about not being paid.

Some people really believe that they can make a sustainable dependable living from writing and redeeming on this site.

And who knows? Maybe there is a list somewhere of the top 500 Bubblers who cash out $25 every day or several times a day. If there are such folks, I am sure they have no life outside of this website because this website needs your true time dedication in order to make any great amount of money.

Another rule breaker is not writing enough content in their article to satisfy the "400 character limit." To overcompensate, many Bubblers inflate their posts with extra words to lengthen it because they think it means 400 words, not 400 characters.

For those who don't read that properly, the amount of extra words thrown into each short article is astounding. lol

Someone's "rise and shine, letting the dog out and getting their cup of coffee" article can be excruciating to read with surplus words and repetitive sentences.


Didn't I Read The Manual?

Even though I signed up on September 22, 2013, I didn't write my first article until October 10, 2013 because I got waylaid by other projects. Of course.

I had made about 25 connections with writers I thought wrote interesting content. I thought if I connected with writers of like mind, I'd attract more viewers. What was I thinking? Didn't I read the manual?

Because the majority of articles are purely personal in nature, I decided my first post on October 10, 2013 would introduce a little bit about myself without going into too much personal detail. I wrote what it is like to come from a family of four sets of twins.

Even with my 25 connections, the article got very little recognition (likes and views) and in my opinion, it tanked. It only got three or four likes from my connections. It didn't even get a comment until the next day.

Never one to quit after one try, the next day I wrote another "quality" article on October 11, 2013 about how to get your name off any mailing list. The article got one like in one hour and in four hours, it garnered three comments.

I am sure you can see the error of my ways just from my first two articles. I was going for quality and they were going for "anything."

Clearly I was not going to make any money on this website unless I changed my writing style and made more connections with "anyone and everyone." But, the question was, Was I willing to do that?

The problem I have is a purely personal issue with me. Quantity vs quality.

I now have over 250 connections and only a small fraction write quality content. They stay there because they make fast money. The rest of my connections either write about everyday life in their world, or copy paste the news or recipes from well known websites or use language translators which make the articles almost impossible to follow. Although plagarism is almost rampant there, no one seems to do anything about it.

Writer's Block?
Writer's Block? | Source

Writer's Block

If you ever get writer's block, Bubblews can cure that for you just by scanning the sheer diversity of subjects. You might be one of the few who actually read some of the posts, because judging from the quickness of the "likes" on each article, there is no way people are really reading them to completion.

Even though connections are a big part of this site, I do not go out of my way to connect with others, I do connect back as a courtesy which accounts for more than 250 of my connections.

How anyone gets to read (let alone make comments on) the astronomical amount of posts when they sign on each day is ridiculous. My notifications used to go back 8 hours most days when I first started, and now they only go back 3 hours because my number of connections increased from 50 to over 250.

If each person writes 10 posts (the limit), times that by my 250 connections, that's a lot of reading and clicking to get paid per view. There are Bubblers with thousands of connections.

When you click on posts, each function counts toward your Bank - the view, the like, the comment, the sharing to Google and Facebook.

 I wrote that my Bank wasn't growing and this is a screenshot of some of the comments. I censored out Bubblers' names but left the CEO's name to show his comment and my answer.
I wrote that my Bank wasn't growing and this is a screenshot of some of the comments. I censored out Bubblers' names but left the CEO's name to show his comment and my answer. | Source
This is what my Bank looks like.  I redeemed 5 days ago, so this is my new Bank. As you can see, I am not working at it very hard.
This is what my Bank looks like. I redeemed 5 days ago, so this is my new Bank. As you can see, I am not working at it very hard. | Source

Quality Content

I don't know how much longer I will stay with Bubblews because quite frankly, it is a time eater. Once I wrote an article (Bubble) voicing that I didn't know if it was worth it to stay at Bubblews and one of the CEO's commented on my article that he wanted me to stay because he cared what I had to say. Other Bubblers pointed out that the CEO doesn't comment on just anyone's posts, so I guess I'm humbled by that.

It is extremely overwhelming, sometimes almost schizophrenic in trying to keep up with posting articles and comments as well as constantly connecting, if one wants to keep making money.

I've read some hubs about other hubbers' experiences on Bubblews and one of the common threads they talk about is that the site goes down a lot. It does, especially during high traffic hours at dinner, late night, early morning, etc. You can lose the article you were working on (no save feature), and the comment you were writing. What most are talking about is how it influences their Bank when the site is down.

Once on the site, you are sure to spend two hours or more, unless you have great willpower to either click off the site and move on, or shut down your computer completely. lol I know I am spread too thin time-wise and that will get rectified very soon. I can't keep up this pace and still keep putting out marketable quality content.

It is true that Bubblews pays more than other sites because you are getting paid CPV (click per view) and CPC (click per comment). One can build a $25.00 bank with 500 connections writing 10 articles per day (their limit) and cash out $25.00 per day several times per week.

On other sites, I get paid per completed article of quality content or by content which is assigned to me. It is at the discretion of the site and I often have to wait a week or more to receive payment.

Bubblews pays within three days of clicking the "redeem" button. Last Saturday, I redeemed my first $25 (and was paid). As you can tell from the screenshot at the right, I am nowhere near $25.00 for my second redemption. Whether there will be a third redemption is up in the air.

Everyone should have a Plan B
Everyone should have a Plan B | Source


I was curious about the site. I see the light now. I will stick to writing quality content sparingly there while keeping up with my other obligations.

For anyone who wants to experience Bubblews, I wish you well. But be prepared to put in a big time investment making connections, writing, and commenting in order to be paid.

This site is not for those who are looking for dependable income because the site can refuse to pay for a number of reasons, as outlined above.

As for Hub Pages, there is absolutely NO comparison on any level. They want quality content, and that is what I wish to continue writing. I consider this hub a website review, just like many other hubbers have written about Bubblews.

Please don't judge me.

I wonder if there is a recovery group for ex-Bubblers.......

© Mary McShane

© 2013 Mary McShane


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  • Mary McShane profile imageAUTHOR

    Mary McShane 

    4 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    @RonElFran - I'm glad it is working out for you and so many others with positive experiences, especially when we hear so many stories of those who either have never been paid or are slowly being paid.

    For a while I was looking for more places to make money from my writing, where payment would not take so long. While Bubblews paid me that one time with no problems, as stated in my article, I have a problem with a lot of nonsense writing on that site. I would rather write for a site people will find informative, view in a good light and thus get traffic.

    I appreciate your viewpoint. Thank you for reading my hub and for your comments. :)

  • RonElFran profile image

    Ronald E Franklin 

    4 years ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

    I've had one $50 redemption so far. It's not harder to reach $50, but it naturally takes longer, and I think it does slightly take away the sense of anticipation of getting to the goal. On the other hand, I think doubling the payout threshold should make it easier for Bubblews to pay reliably. As I say in my own hub on the subject, my opinion is that their payment problems arise not so much from an attempt to cheat writers, as from them being very short staffed and unable to keep up. So, I'm actually encouraged at the change.

  • Mary McShane profile imageAUTHOR

    Mary McShane 

    4 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    @RonElFran - do you find it is harder or takes longer to reach $50 now instead of the original $25 payout point?

  • RonElFran profile image

    Ronald E Franklin 

    4 years ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

    Once I realized that Bubblews is really a social media site rather than a content site, I became a little less stressed about the lack of quality writing there. I actually enjoy writing some short, personal pieces that will be viewed by a few and make some income. The key for me is to adhere to my own quality standards. All five of my redemptions have been honored, and as long as that continues, I'll probably continue to use Bubblews as a part of my writing landscape.

  • Mary McShane profile imageAUTHOR

    Mary McShane 

    4 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    @Askme - Yes, I was aware of the increase in redemption to $50. And no, I wasn't thrilled with the site.

    I wrote to Bubblews Support December 24th and asked them to delete my account. Regarding my published posts, if I wasn't going to stay there and reap benefit, then they weren't going to either - I removed all my work from their site so I could rework the posts and use them elsewhere. I had several communications with Support members who wrote to ask me why I wanted to quit, and ultimately asking me to give them a trial for a couple more weeks. I wrote about my answers and my exit experience from their site and you can read about it here, if you wish:

    My account was finally deleted January 4th, 2014.

    Thank you for your comment about your experience.

  • Askme profile image


    4 years ago

    I joined July, 2013. Eh...not thrilled with Bubblews. It is NOT for anyone with writing ambitions. Bubblews is a social media site where you post anything and everything. In fact, the better at writing you are, the less attention you will receive. From my time on Bubblews, it seems there is some manipulation of the "likes", I mean, totally illiterate posts about boring things such as: the difference between dark chocolate and white chocolate garner 100 "likes" and 90 comments!!

    I have redeemed 3 times and only got paid for 2. The 3rd one, I mistakenly gave them the wrong email associated with my paypal. Once I corrected the problem, Arvind never responded to my various emails and I have never been paid. By the way, the redemption amount was upped to $50 on the first of the year.

  • Mary McShane profile imageAUTHOR

    Mary McShane 

    4 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    @healthmunsta - Good Decision :) TYVM for stopping by to read my blurb on the site.

  • healthmunsta profile image


    4 years ago

    Very interesting to read your review! Even though I have a crazy enough life to write some 'juicy' personal bubbles that will be a definite hit (lol!), I cannot bring myself to spend that much time online. I'm simply not wasting time with Bubblews and that's that! It's a matter of personal preference.

  • Mary McShane profile imageAUTHOR

    Mary McShane 

    4 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    @DeannaErskine - Welcome to HubPages (albeit my welcome is 14 months late), but welcome just the same. Even though you haven't written any hubs yet, your bio says you are working on pubbing one book and starting another. That alone wouldn't give me enough time to work here on HP! So congrats on that! You will find time to write here when your life settles down some. In the meantime enjoy reading everyone's hubs/stories and you will find your niche. @Bubblews, as stated in all of the above, the time investment is not worth the final $$. It is the old adage that your parents can tell you something is not a good thing, but you have to try it out for yourself to make your own decision. So go take a look at their site and see what you think. With that said, Quality is 99.99% to 100% here at HP and I don't have a decimal system that goes low enough to rate Bubblews. :( Thank you for your comment and visit and hope to see you writing soon as your schedule allows. :)

  • DeannaErskine profile image

    Deanna J. E. Erskine 

    4 years ago from Troutdale, Oregon

    I'm really appreciating this hub because I've been in debate with myself about getting a bubblews. I haven't started writing any hubs yet and I'm still trying to find what will work for me but I know I definitely want to be writing quality work (and be sure that I end up getting paid - of course)

  • Mary McShane profile imageAUTHOR

    Mary McShane 

    4 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    @Will Apse. With the dynamics of that site, I did the best I could with the screenshots in size. I played with making it larger, then it got blurry. I tried for closeup and it went out of focus again. So I gave up. lol On the bank, if you click on the screenshot, it will go larger and are fairly clear to read. Thank you for your visit and comment. :)

  • Will Apse profile image

    Will Apse 

    4 years ago

    I would be harsher. Mostly though, I would just ask you to make the text in your screen shots readable, somehow.

  • Mary McShane profile imageAUTHOR

    Mary McShane 

    4 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    @AliciaC - I agree with you, 100%. Thank your for your views, experience and comments.

  • AliciaC profile image

    Linda Crampton 

    4 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

    I agree with everything that you've said about Bubblews, Mary. I signed up because I need the money, but it's a frustrating and very time consuming site to write for. There is a lot of what I call "artificial" behavior, such as people liking multiple posts in just a few seconds, obviously without reading them, in the hope that the writer will return the likes. There are good and interesting articles there, but there are a lot of not-very-good and copied articles, too. I just don't have time to maintain the connections that are needed at Bubblews and write at HubPages. HubPages is my choice - it's a much more more satisfying site to write for.

  • Mary McShane profile imageAUTHOR

    Mary McShane 

    4 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    @sprickita thank you for sharing your experience. I went there today for a weekly check-in on my bank. It goes up by two dollars and some change each week without any new content being posted and no comments or visiting done by me. So when it hits $25 again, I'll cash it out - hey as long as the $$$ is in my bank, I'll take it! But I won't be contributing any new content to the site. It goes down whenever it fancies and it is not reliable to save your work if you are in the middle of something. At least when my Chrome shuts down unexpectedly, the friendly RESTORE button gives me back everything I was working on. Frustration at Bubblews abounds and doesn't make the experience pleasant for me. Thank you for your comment.

  • sprickita profile image


    4 years ago from Reno

    I had signed up(on other site) & every time I would log out then attempt to log back in I said no account.... I had content posted and all that but it was like I was a brand new???every dang time so aghh but anyway I agree with you and that Hub Pages Rocks!! 8-) and TY for the 411 u rock2!

  • Mary McShane profile imageAUTHOR

    Mary McShane 

    5 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    I agree - quantity is definitely overrunning the quality posts.

    Even some of the titles throw you. A post titled "How to make more money on Bubblews" - turns out to be nothing but links to the author's other posts on the site with the necessary 400 character blurb about how the number of views and likes are what is driving up their bank.

    There are lots of red herrings in titles that lead to nonsense posts. They need to crack down on that and as you said, maybe an algorithm can be put in place for it. tyvm for your comments.

  • Mary McShane profile imageAUTHOR

    Mary McShane 

    5 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    @lovebuglena -re: wanting to write quality things - stay with the writing style you prefer and you will have no regrets. That's just what I intend to do as well. :)

    Since I'm new to HP and their payout system, I can't say anything about it yet. But I've been on Adsense's system for over a year, signed up as an Affiliate shortly after and the income is not half bad considering what I read about other people's experiences. It is all about finding your niche and staying with it.

  • lovebuglena profile image

    Lena Kovadlo 

    5 years ago from Staten Island, NY

    @Mary McShane - I cashed out in a few month's time what is equivalent of hubpages payout minimum that takes me over a half a year to reach on hubpages itself so it's definitely quick but it's not big bucks as some are earning. What I post on there doesn't seem to get too many likes and comments. I guess perhaps it's because what I write is not fluff or useless/stupid posts... But I won't resort to that... I want to write quality things.

  • Mary McShane profile imageAUTHOR

    Mary McShane 

    5 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Hi Nell Rose, I understand that people write there MOSTLY for the money-making aspect in whatever subject they choose and that they really NEED the money. I don't discount that at all. At the risk of beating a dead horse to death, my issue with the site is that quantity is winning out against quality in posts and payments. Just reading the volume of "everyday life" type of articles there bears this out.

    Quality articles are few and far between, and I think it is because these writers have seen the writing on the wall - that unless they bend to the type of writing perpetuated on the site, they won't make money.

    I don't know how long the site can sustain this model (quantity over quality) and still bring in the advertisers. But if the model were ever to change where the quantity writers are the sole contributors, because the quality writers have moved on due to the bank not being as kind to them, then the site may fail OR become just another glorified chat room, except that people will be paid to post.

    I wonder down the line if the site were to become so successful in the model it now uses, getting there on the backs of non-quality posts and advertisers who probably are there to make quick $$ too because of the newness of the model idea, if at a later date the site were to try to change over to, for example what we think of as "respectable" writing, would they be hard put to be able to sustain their model?

    Once you give someone a piece of the apple, they want more of the apple.

    Akin to once you give people money for writing whatever they want, and if the rules change down the line (that they now have to write quality and not quantity), will the writers perceive the apple to be full of worms?

    Fast money can be fast money for only so long, before the bank that feeds it either stops paying because of changes in intake revenue, or their model has changed (flooded with inane quantity so advertisers go elsewhere for better exposure with better content), or when better writers fly the coop because their work is not getting the revenue like the quantity writers are.

    The site has prompted lots of interest with writers posting their experiences and their opinions of the model, the bank and the writing. There is room here for everyone's opinion.

    Mine ranks down at the bottom with all the others who have moved on and are no longer championing the site. I will promote my work that still exists on the site on my Google page, but I won't champion the site in stand alone venues.

    I have to be true to myself with good content or I will embarrass myself by calling myself a writer.

    Good luck at Bubblews but I'd rather follow you here at HP. :)

  • lovebuglena profile image

    Lena Kovadlo 

    5 years ago from Staten Island, NY

    I try to write stuff on Bubblews that is of good quality too but I think if there is a great deal to write on a topic it's best to focus that on HubPages instead. I love the idea of being able to earn simply by people viewing, liking, commenting, and sharing what I write. And that's a great concept as well as being able to "speak freely..." as their motto is. I just think that there has to be an algorithm set in place to prevent poor quality posts from being published as there are too many of them.

  • Mary McShane profile imageAUTHOR

    Mary McShane 

    5 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    @lovebuglena, I know I don't need connections on Bubblews to make money, but it sure helps get the views, comments and likes. lol And I totally get the making money fast part over other sites. My stupid hangup is I like to write quality and not just "stuff." I guess somewhere along the line I thought I might leave my mark on the world. I just didn't want it to be about things that were not passionate in my life. I agree with you about how poor writing quality seems to make the buck, but at that site, that is the name of the game. Write whatever you want, get the traffic, get the likes, views and comments, and make the fast money. I just choose to make my money while at the same time bringing a message worthy of the click. :) tyvm for your comments and views.

  • Nell Rose profile image

    Nell Rose 

    5 years ago from England

    Hi, I wouldn't write at Bubblews if I didn't need the money, but to be honest I actually quite enjoy it. we can write what we like so I tend to write shorter versions of the type of interest I write here. Of course I do the personal stuff because as you say many just Like and leave. but I prefer hubpages for quality writing, nell

  • lovebuglena profile image

    Lena Kovadlo 

    5 years ago from Staten Island, NY

    As far as connections go on Bubblews. You don't need to connect to a lot of people to make money on there and take it fairly quick. You don't even need to have a lot of people connect to you for that matter because people don't need to be connected to you to be able to read your work and then like, comment, and/or share it.

  • lovebuglena profile image

    Lena Kovadlo 

    5 years ago from Staten Island, NY

    Great and informative hub on Bubblews. What's great about Bubblews is that we are not restricted to what we can write about (for the most part), we don't have to write lengthy posts, we earn from views, likes, comments and shares, and we earn that money much faster than on other sites. People who write on Bubblews reach $50 (the HubPages minimum threshold) much faster than it takes them to earn it on HubPages itself. Being able to earn money faster is of course something that will surely attract many new writers to Bubblews even if they don't know how to write well and don't know proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. It boggles my mind how people with poor writing skills and styles who end up writing poor quality posts end up with tons of views, likes, and comments, and end up being featured on the home page, thus making lots of money (cashing out every few days), while those of us who write great quality posts don't see that much success. It is just not fair. I know that Bubblews is a "speak freely..." site and that's great but poor quality posts should not be allowed to be published let alone to earn money.

  • PegCole17 profile image

    Peg Cole 

    5 years ago from Dallas, Texas

    This is an interesting summary of your experience at Bubblews. I briefly checked out the site and was of the same opinion as you. Quality is not the key focus and I already have enough social networking that eats up a lot of my time. Thankfully, I'm not in it for the money or maybe I would be writing there. Truthfully, it's all I can do to keep up with the plagiarists thieving from this site. I don't need any more aggravation from those who can't or won't do their own work.

  • Mary McShane profile imageAUTHOR

    Mary McShane 

    5 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    @Lori P. I didn't go into the venture with high expectations so I wasn't very disappointed in not making a windfall. What disappointed me was and is the deficit of quality work and that a site encourages anyone to write about ANYthing, and still pay them out for it. In a way in my mind, it is taking advantage of advertisers who pay $$ for space that is void of visits to actually read the product. People literally click as soon as the page loads, click like, move on to the next page and click like. There is no way anyone is reading posts that go for 750 words or more in the time it takes to load a webpage. That to me is a disappointment because I was naiive to think that people actually read the articles when the majority do not. They are only there for the money, and the writing is not of importance. TY Lori for your visit and advice. I'll be staying here. :)

  • Mary McShane profile imageAUTHOR

    Mary McShane 

    5 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    @billybuc thank you for your compliment and I'll be hanging out here more now that I've gotten this mostly out of my system. :)

  • Lori P. profile image

    Lori Phillips 

    5 years ago from Southern California USA

    Bubblews was a huge disappointment for me. It's only about making money from frequent posts. Quality is not important. I find the Bubblews concept insulting to me as a reader and a writer. Invest your time and skills elsewhere.

  • billybuc profile image

    Bill Holland 

    5 years ago from Olympia, WA

    I really don't like Bubblews but I can understand the attraction many feel towards it. I'll stay at HP since money is not a concern of mine and not the reason why I write. I like the quality control at HP, and this is where my friends are. :) Good job Mary!

  • Mary McShane profile imageAUTHOR

    Mary McShane 

    5 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    @Pamela N Red, lol @ the site name. I think of Babaloo from Lucy and Desi ( I Love Lucy) when I hear the name.

    You are correct in what you say about being lumped in with other writers. My mother always said, you are judged by your associations.

    So if that holds true then these adages are true:

    - If they are guilty, you can be accused of guilt.

    - If their posted work is representative of the site, then yours will be assumed to be also.

    The more I talk to people since I wrote this hub, the more my decision is a sound one. I have to get back to basics and concentrate on the sites I enjoy, who pay me to write for them and who are loyal to me with giving me work. Thank you for your comment and for the follow :)

  • Pamela N Red profile image

    Pamela N Red 

    5 years ago from Oklahoma

    Mary, I wasn't impressed with the quality of work I saw there. It mainly looks like blogs to me and I'd rather post mine on my own Blogger account where I make money and am not associated with amateurs.

    People will lump you in with the other writers when you are part of a group like that and if they are inferior they will assume your work is as well. Just my opinion but I've tried to keep my articles and blogs away from those sites.

    I also don't have time for another social group. Thank you for the inside scoop of how things are at Bubblew. (I personally think the name sounds silly as well.)

  • Mary McShane profile imageAUTHOR

    Mary McShane 

    5 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Hi Jodah, it really does take some getting used to. By the time I got finished writing this hub, my mind was made up. I will be spending less time there and using it more productively. I was averaging about 4 to 5 hours per night and that is far too much time to spend there, when I could be working on evergreen hubs and freelance articles. tyvm for your comment. :)

  • Jodah profile image

    John Hansen 

    5 years ago from Queensland Australia

    Very interesting and informative hub Mary, Thanks for the info. I had never heard of Bubblews, but if it makes quick money I'm sure it will be popular. However it doesn't sound like my sort of place. Think I'll be content to stick to hub pages and the great community and quality writers here.


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