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My Final Flight Cancelled For Reasons Unknown.

Updated on December 5, 2009


Final flight cancelled for reasons unknown.   <><><><><><><><><><><><>  

I remember falling first
without ever moving at all
wrapped in a naked strangle hold
until everything became black dots
and then dissolved into a jelly legged
gravity working tumble into nothingness
I remember my not caring the most.. mostly
because it was good to finally be going
the pressure and the need to breathe
was way too much to be burdened with
and then with a whoosh I was high
nothing holding me down anymore
free floating approximately 15 feet
above a crumpled pile of flesh
that looked just like me lying
in dress blues on a gate to a base
in a place that's foreign to me now
all decked out for my final flight
with my baggage checked below me
the drunk who had assaulted me
when I turned to call a police transport
was holding his head and gazing
in abject horror at what he had molded
from my malable life into a corpse
another M.P. appeared from the guard quarters
mouth dropping open and eyes going huge
running and yelling for him to freeze
fumbling at his 45 caliber holster
then giving up and diving through the air
slamming into him almost horizontal he flew
and pinned the drunk to the ground
handcuffing him to a rail that
allowed the gate to go up and down
then he sucker punched him several times
I remember feeling sorry for the drunk
cause it wasn't so bad for me now
I weighed nothing, there was no pain
I even turned a somersault in mid-air
and realized that I was embarking
on a journey that I would never return from,
white light pulled gently at my sleeve
calling me away with a gentle sigh
peace wrapped itself around me
like warm wings holding me calmly
then two M.P.s were working on my body
pounding my sternum and blowing
taco bell breath into my stilled lungs
cursing and yelling at me,
"Don't you fucking die, Marine"
" Come back dammit!!....breathe!!"
I could not understand all the fuss
come back to guard duty and the drudge
of a long tour of duty or turn
and explore the entire universe
that awaited my yet untested wings
then without warning like ice water
on unsuspecting skin splashed
I took a  high velocity nosedive
a frightening whoosh away from my
floating oasis in that dark night
and with tremendous agony
I was thrust back inside myself
a prisoner again, locked in painful flesh
filled with taco fouled air making me gag
and someone's fist crushing the oxygen
I had just recovered into a gasp
my final flight was postponed
I'd been bounced back from the terminal status
I had entered fully expecting to go
that drunken Staff Sargent got more years
then I felt he deserved for his actions
in a later legal proceeding
after all he was out of his head
but then so was I...and his inebriated act was
my single most life changing event
one that has made so much difference ever since
that late night early discharge when
I took an unplanned flight into the arms of fate
who chose to hug me and let me go




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