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My Poet Tree

Updated on January 25, 2012

My Poetry

I have included some of my poetry to share with you here. I have been writing poetry for many years now and always appreciated the poetry of others so I hope others may now enjoy my own. I must admit that most of it is based on my own life and the experiences thereof. My life has not been a very happy journey, in fact it has been a bit of a nightmare, from a rather tainted childhood to a present day disaster in the shape of violent earthquakes. I have found though that a life time of grief can make for great poetry.

I have called the collection of my poetry simply "The Poet Tree" and hope to one day see my work in printed ink. I should also note that most of my poetry is in rhyme, to which I am comfortable with.

I was going to include imagery with each poem but I decided to let the poems express to the reader their own imagery, though I know it looks a little uncolourful.

Twilight of Shadows

In the twilight of shadows

Where storm clouds abound

In the dusk of my mind

Where no hope is found

A rain swept cemetery

Deep in my soul

A breeze of insanity

Whistled and rolled

In the furthest corner

Of darkest despair

I come face to face

With all that I fear

Tombstones like strangers

Brokenly stare

Engraved with those memories

I scarcely can bear

Hills shaped like monsters, I shudder to look

From behind they hide creatures

My childhood they took

Branches of trees twisted in pain

They creak and they moan

And they scream out my name

Shivers like spiders

They crawl down my spine

I shake just a little

I'm lost in my mind

He Remembers

He remembers every word once spoken

Every dream and promise broken

He remembers every smile and frown

A suite, a rose, a wedding gown

He remembers every friend and foe

Through summers’ warmth and winters’ snow

He remembers every tainted touch

At times the pain was just too much

He remembers times when people cared

And times when there was no one there

He remembers tears that flowed so fast

When every lonely moment passed

He remembers all his children born

And the one we had to mourn

He remembers every tear he shed

Where every wrong path ever led

He remembers when he lost his mind

It was the hardest thing to find

He remembers when his heart turned cold

And a loveless, bitterness took hold

He remembers all the old illusions

Love and trust and such delusions

He remembers when the earth did shake

The lives and homes that it did take

But he forgot how to forget

And so remembers all regrets!

Breaking Points

I was ever the child lost in the atmosphere of my Mother’s despair

Wandering amidst the darkness of these, like before, weary and uncertain days

Pretended sanctimonious friends would stroll in and out of my life, without care

Their hypocrisies, I now rebuke, that judge my imperfectious ways

Ah, my childhood, murdered in a heartbeat, wrapped in a nightmare, ever unable to awaken from it’s sick and perverted disturbance

I fear I have learned only now how to hate! Hate for breakfast, lunch and dinner

I hate now, every last one of them, the molester, who stole my innocence away, with a bag of sweats and a game to play

The abuser, who broke my spirit, and smashed it like a worthless piece of glass,

The fake friends, who lied, betrayed, deceived and judged me, bringing up the constant errors of my past

I return their hurt for hate

My faith has gone, like fallen leaves, scattered by a winter breeze

I move ever slowly, back towards the darkness

My cold and dark familiar friend of old

Who sheltered me from pain’s constricting hold

The Coming of Winter

Silver stars scream in the darkest of dreams

Whilst whispers the moon to the sea

Clouds creep about like strangers left out

Raining down tears upon me

Wind waving willows

Waving farewell

To leaves who have long been a friend

Stolen away by autumns’ dismay

Left naked to ponder their end

Something so chilling

Moves ever so closer

Like a ghost that is yet to be seen

All living things just scurry for shelter

From a winter that’s really quite mean

Going Insane

They gave me pills and far away thrills

And made me forget who I am

They dressed me in white and told me what’s right

I told them “I don’t give a damn”

I see Mum I see Dad, I see me as a lad

I see hands that approach in the dark

I hear voices that scare me

And touches that tear me

In my arm goes something that’s sharp

In a room with no view

So I rock and I spew

And shiver with unknown pain

Now everything's spinning

I’m crying, then singing

And slowly I'm going insane

Grave Thoughts

Crumbled concrete crosses

Crushed upon the clay

Names engraved on stone and steel

Destined there to stay

A gathering was formed

Around each and every grave

Many mourning for their loved ones

Tortured looks of pain

Countless tears from reddened eyes

Have touched this very earth

Where later feet would tread that ground

Digging up the turf

I looked around as wild weeds grow

On flowerless plots where no one goes

Dates of birth on every stone

Once celebrated years ago

Now cracked, forgotten and left alone

These resting places time has worn

And what is not the vandals scorn

It saddened me to see this place

Abandoned ruins left to waste

Yet reading many stones I saw

The life of those who lived before

Now laid to rest and breathe no more

As I begin to leave I find a frightening question come to mind

In this place of many graves

How many souls were lost or saved


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    • sarcasticool profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from New Zealand

      Glad you like it :)

    • sarcasticool profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from New Zealand

      Thank you :)

    • iva dragostinova profile image

      iva dragostinova 

      6 years ago from Brighton, UK

      Your poetry is amazing! Emotive, articulate and delicately paints all imagery. You have a beautiful talent.


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