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My Review on 'Stop Talking Start Doing' Book by Shaa Wasmund With Richard Newton

Updated on July 9, 2020
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Gemma Ganadin Gemma is a Transformational Coach, Speaker and Entrepreneur. Her experience ranges from working in fashion & corporate world

A Kick in the pants in six parts

Have you got an itch...

I was looking for something to inspire me create my own program and really make a contribution to humanity.

When I started to have that itch and yes it took a while to figure it out, and slow too but even faced with different challenges along the way, even near to giving it all up again... when I discovered my purpose, my natural gifts are, what makes me happy and what I would really like to do that will give me that thing that everyone keep saying 'living a balanced life' it seems to follow me wherever I go and people gravitate towards me even if they don't really know me and what other things I do, which is a 'Transformation Coach' or we can call if whatever you want. I also like to be called 'Personal and Professional Development Coach'. At one point, I only wanted to help my clients build their confidence and self-image but as I grow into this new found love of mine and with constant investment in my growth and development I know who I am now and this sums everything up so 'Transformational Coach' and so it is!

Going back to constantly investing in my personal and professional growth and getting inspiration from different sources, this book grabbed my attention. It's an easy read, you can actually read it in a day. If you're a visual person this is really great as it has lots of images and offers very practical no nonsense, straight talking actually really funny in some parts, very easy to follow steps that anyone can do.

This book make a lot of sense especially of you don't really like reading and Shaa Wasmund laid down the six parts that really make a lot of sense from being busy just talking about starting something to actually doing it. Because as you know, anyone can talk about doing something but without ACTION, there won't be any changes or improvements that's why you are still where you are right now. Talk is cheap! But getting started is harder with anything that you want to do. So here's Shaa Wasmund no nonsense parts that you can follow:-

1. Tick Tock - The speed of life. This book is about starting. It's about shifting from the static to the active state; the state where things happen because you initiated them. It's about shifting gears!!!

2. The Itch - Stop daydreaming. Where are you scratching? Locate your itch and scratch it!

3. Fear and Regret - The discomfort zone. Embrace the fear and leave regret to some suckers! Regret weighs more than Fear.

4. Start - No hesitation. It's impossible to overstate the importance of starting. Time is imperative. The whooshing by of time, like the rise and fall of the sun, is the one certainty. Time is your spur to get up and get started!

5. The art of decision making - State of flow. Get on with it. Decision making, if you master this mental activity whether it's a good decision or not, will help you succeed in anything that you start to do. When you need to make a choice again whether it's a good or a bad choice just do it!

6. And ACTION - What's your Goal. You need a bigger VISION. The bigger the better! And then, see where you are now and break down in small chunks all the activities and plan how to achieve your goal. Set aside time and commit to making your Vision your reality.

I know we are inundated with so many books out there but for me this is another amazing read and inspired me and keep me on my toes to keep doing and going towards my goals, keep scratching that itch.

If you are looking for something easy to read and with steps to follow then I recommend this book. The author is a straight talker and comes across genuine and knowledgeable in all the subjects mentioned.

I was trying to remember how I found this book and it was from an audible book that I bought by Isaiah Hankel author of 'Black Hole Focus'. He mentioned so many authors that inspired him the person he is now and hence I bought and read Shaa Wasmund's book.

If you decide to buy then enjoy reading.

© 2020 change begins with you


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