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My Sheroes – Women of God Part I

Updated on July 2, 2014

“She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.” (Proverbs 31: 26)

I have been forever changed by the influence of some godly women who poured into my life over the years throughout my spiritual journey. The following poetic narratives describe my encounters with two such sheroes that grew me in the Lord and my personal development, during my former membership at Saint Paul Community Baptist Church (SPCBC).

Cornelia Algra Council Jones

Nell, in 1998 Spirit spoke to me through you
and asked, “Jo Anne, what is it that you want God to do?”

I answered, “I want to work in fulltime ministry”.
You then told me to list my gifts and set a date for us to meet.

That session was affirming and helped me to focus toward my goal
and to harness and channel my energies as the process began to unfold.

“Be careful what you ask for” entered my thoughts many times
when life would slam me down so hard and I felt I’d easily lose my mind.

But you were there with "Healing Touch," and your counsel, hugs and smiles;
you encouraged me with your presence to endure and press through each next mile.

It has been extremely challenging in dealing with my-self,
yet, in the midst of lack and hardship I found that I possess true wealth.

Now God has brought me into a new place on this adventuress faith-filled road,
on a divine path where I’ve been redefined while releasing a heavy load.

Sarah Plowden

This letter of praise that was long overdue
was written in love and in honor of you.
Your godly wisdom and directness, I greatly admire.
You radiate divine grace and emit a discerning fire.

You are in control as a leader,
handling situations with finesse.
You are honest about your feelings
and inappropriateness you quickly address.

Your writing is like Rev. Youngblood’s preaching;
you reveal deep insights through unique teaching;
And when you read aloud your inspired words,
the anointing on your greatness is heard.

You taught me that a woman
is an expansion of God’s perfection,
Bible women are buried treasures,
and to search the scriptures for wise revelations.

You showed me how to pamper myself
at the women fellowships in your home;
I ascended to my first body massage
and descended a new woman all aglow.

You were a confidant when I sought direction
during a major transition in my life.
I appreciated your presence, your ministry,
and your obedience to Jesus Christ.

I thank God for leading me your way
and for what I received and learned in your care;
At SPCBC, you played a significant part in my healing
during my membership there.


I thank them and God for their openness, obedience, and willingness
to be used. I was continually blessed by their precious spirits.

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Be blessed,

Jo Anne Meekins
Inspired4U Blog


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