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My Strange Encounters

Updated on August 1, 2019

At the age of seven, I was always outside doing something. Always adventurous and active. I often played by myself. My toys were made of sticks and stones. I made bows and arrows, spears, slingshots and airplanes. One day as I was outside in the Summer a big balloon shaped object came overhead of our home. We lived out in a remote area with a string of ten houses on the block, that were all scattered about.. There was a lot of wide open countryside there. The object appeared grey in color and seemed to float overhead for quite a while. I was interested but soon grew tired and decided to take a nap out on the lawn. My mother later woke me and asked why in the world I took a nap outside. I did not have any good answer.

At the age of sixteen a friend and I were sitting on his front porch and suddenly a huge light arose over the hillside before us.The light moved slowly and then shot off in the opposite direction and disappeared. We just laughed it off. UFO sightings were uncommon in the early sixties in our area. The strange object was quiet and extremely fast. Not like any airplanes we were used to see,

At the age of twenty-five, I had just accepted a contract to teach in a Georgia High School. This was in the year of Nineteen-seventy-three. I loved the outdoors and because it was hunting season, I decided to ask permission from a local farmer if I could hunt on his acreage. After given his blessings, I was all set to begin my new year. My students were all quite active and some were behavior problems. I saw one boy who seemed to be a leader in the class. I thought it might be helpful if I made friends with him early on, and asked him if he would like to go on a hunt. He was very happy and after his parents agreed, we set off on one Friday to hunt on the farmer's property.

As we got there and ready to hunt, the boy went off on his own and I watched him from a distance. I wanted to set a good example and be safe handling guns. Suddenly I saw four bright circular shapes in the afternoon sky.At first I thought these were wing tanks on a plane, but they did not move. An uneasy feeling came over me and as I looked back in another adjoining field also belonging to the farmer, I saw a house that belonged to his daughter. Next to the house and equally as wide I viewed a wide silver disc and it hovered toward my location in the field..The boy I had taken with me came up and began pointing his gun toward birds in the direction of the silver discs. I warned him not to fire, but he did anyway. I showed him the one big saucer shaped object and we both hurried to my parked car near the edge of the field. I was so shaken and looked back in the direction of the objects one last time and saw a huge column of smoke towering into the sky before us. I could not explain this and drove directly to the sheriff in town and told him of our experience.

The sheriff just grinned and then shared his experience the night before when he had approached a home called by its owner about a huge red orb sitting over her home in the big field. He said he turned on his blue lights and the object shot upward and disappeared. He told me not to feel like the lone ranger about this, for there were many in the area sighted lately.I was unable to sleep well after that experience and became very frightened, causing me to have weapons in my bed with me at night. I reported to school late a few times and got in hot water with the principal. I stayed shaken for a few weeks and then it was only a passing bad dream.

Many of my students and families saw odd shaped red orbs in their back yards and over grain fields where one student and his boss jumped off the big gardening machine and were frightened so badly, when a huge red light appeared over their heads that evening, The big combine plowed onto the wooded area, still moving. There were several shared similar experiences that year.

An odd thing was that we all seemed to forget the account till seventeen years later as we were all talking on a long-distance call together.We seemed to recall the event almost simultaneously.
An odd thing was that we all seemed to forget the account till seventeen years later as we were all talking on a long-distance call together.We seemed to recall the event almost simultaneously.

I was married and at he age of twenty-eight, visited my wife's parent's home one evening. Her younger teen-aged sister was there and as we all three stood in the front yard near a fence gate, a huge multi-colored craft slowly rose up and passed silently overhead. We saw tanks and odd shaped apparatus under this object as it move over us. It seemed as we could almost reach up and touch it.We were all stunned and ran into the house. As we gazed from the big window in the living room, we saw the huge multi-lighted craft move slowly out of sight and into the distance. This sighting was the second of my new sister-in-law and she was very frightened. There had been others who saw similar objects in the area. It was just ten miles south of an air force base. Years later an air force officer remarked that he had seen a similar object over the air base around the same time.

As we all sat in my car one evening near my mother-in-laws home, a bright light appeared in the sky and was soon pursued by four air force jets from the local air base. The craft flew in a wide circle as the jets followed after the bright circular object. After three or four big loops, the bright object shot upward and turned into one of the many evening stars that were now quite visible. There were other experiences I had in the area as well. One evening about six o'clock I waited for my wife to pick me up near a big tree, after I had a day of hunting. As I waited, I saw what resembled to be a huge sky scraper on its side with multi-colored lights. One big light flashed on and off in its center. It got much closer and I began to get very uncomfortable. Suddenly my wife came up in our little yellow V.W. and shouted for me to hop in and leave the area. She, too had witnessed the strange shaped object new over our heads. We did hurry home after that! I witnessed numerous other unexplained objects over the years and now have accepted them. They are very strange and not easy to understand. Who really knows what these crazy objects are and where they may be coming from. Only time may tell.

There is more to our lives than our minds may allow us to comprehend...
There is more to our lives than our minds may allow us to comprehend...

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