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The UFO Crash At Kecksburg- An Incident In The Woods

Updated on March 7, 2016

The Kecksburg UFO

The Kecksburg UFO under the direction from the U.S. army was towed away on a flatbed truck.
The Kecksburg UFO under the direction from the U.S. army was towed away on a flatbed truck.

Kecksburg UFO Site

This detailed recreated Mapquest map, shows the general vicinity of the location of where the strange UFO had crashed into a wooded ravine, outside of the town of  kecksburg, pennsylvannia
This detailed recreated Mapquest map, shows the general vicinity of the location of where the strange UFO had crashed into a wooded ravine, outside of the town of kecksburg, pennsylvannia

As dusk fell upon the small town of Kecksburg pennsylvannia, located approximately forty miles outside of Pittsburgh. A bright bluish-green ball of fire; streaked across the sky and ended up in a ravine located in a patch of woods about a mile from town. This greenish fireball of light, was witnessed not only by viewers in the northeastern U.S.but by others; including residents living in Canada. It earmarked the beginning of what was to be a very long and strange night for the kecksburg townspeople.

Some fifty years after the Kecksburg Pa. incident; people from that area; are still looking for answers in relation to what it was that actually crashed in the nearby woods. Shortly afterward, state police roped off the surrounding area where the object had come to rest. A slight fog rolling slowly across the adjacent farm fields, set the stage for what later appeared to be strange blue pulsing lights.

And if that wasn't enough-a loud, blood curdling cry that was enough to make the hair on your neck stand up straight. Whatever made the horrible blood curdling sound on that Dec. 9th evening, according to some, sounded like it could have been come from something that was half human and half animal. Some of the facts told about this story do certainly seem far-fetched.

But according to a majority of witnesses present on that cool, dark and foggy December's evening, these are none other but pure facts and not speculation. Regardless if it sounds like something right out of the beginning of a science fiction movie.

To date the Kecksburg UFO case is one of debate. A debate as to what really crashed and settled within that wooded ravine outside of town. Some say this incident is just as mysterious and strange as the flying saucer crash that had been documented in Roswell New Mexico, where alien bodies had been recovered.

And similar to the Kecksburg incident in that it has not only been highly publicized, but still remains unsolved to this day; in terms of what the unidentified flying object was that crashed there and to what type of creature made those hellish cries, as evening quickly descended upon the town of Kecksburg Pennsylvannia.

When you hear of incidents like the one in Kecksburg, you sometimes can picture an oval shaped object hovering silently in the twilight, and in surroundings similar to that around the Kecksburg area. There have also been documented cases where farmers upon entering their fields the next morning to tend to their crops or herd, have found mutilated cattle among their findings.

Mutilations that are said to be caused not by a coyote for example or any other earthly animal for that matter. So as you can see by this illustration, the mind can certainly be led astray when you associate strange UFO objects, fireballs and even aliens with cattle mutilations and similar events. So its logical to assume that the locals near this suspected crash site in Kecksburg; were not only concerned about what the object was. But also most likely scared out of their wits, not knowing if they were going to end up with unfriendly, as well as unwelcomed alien neighbors.

The kecksburg UFO was later hauled up from the wooded ravine after a small surrounding fire had been extinguished. Under the direction of the U.S. Army, It was than placed on a flatbed truck and escorted out of town. Also another strange note, worth mentioning about this UFO or Unidentified Flying Object, is that it was not oval, circular or cigar shaped like many UFO's observed in past sightings are.

No...this object was a peculiar bronze hue to it and was in the perfect shape of an Acorn. Also stranger yet, was that a few people had reported seeing writing on the lower portion of this craft or object. The writing looked like it had symbols engraved within, appearing to be Egyptian in origin, or of some other similar foreign writing.

After the strange craft was towed away from Kecksburg, Pennsylvannia there were a lot of questions that were left unanswered. Questions that are still left unanswered to the present day. There were questions from the locals as to what the strange acorn shape craft was, that crashed near their town. Or if it had any occupants similar to the Roswell incident inside the capsule, that may have been ejected nearby as a result of the impact, as that object hit the earth.

There was nothing but a good deal of hush-hush as to what the kecksburg UFO really was. The government at that time was still actively running project blue book, in which the Kecksburg incident can be found somewhere within their archived files. A soviet test missile or small rocket, that had re-entered the earths atmosphere because of a decayed orbit. Is said to be the most likely explanation for what the Kecksburg UFO was likely to be.

Many people had been very afraid of speaking out openly about what they think they may have seen, or what they may have thought they did actually see that cool and foggy Decembers eveing. I believe mainly for the reason of being identified or exposed by higher ranking officials, not only by those high ranking town officials, who are sworn by secrecy never to disclose the truth.

But also to higher ranking officers within the government. There are the stories that you often hear in reference to the government with its round table of g-men,better known as the mysterious men dressed in black.

Basically thought to be secret service thugs who track down those sole individuals and either make them swear that they will never say anything in regards to a particular UFO incident. Not a boo-not even a peep, if you know what I mean? Or on the other hand permanently silence that individual, or those particular individuals, that they are concerned about spilling the beans.

Hence with the Kecksburg incident, there could have been a few more witnesses, that had far too many answers to a great deal of questions. But because of being visited by these so called Gmen-they never had a chance to tell their side of the story.

Project Blue book during its eighteen year existence, closed its doors back in December of 1970, only five years after the kecksburg incident. Of the some roughly 12,600 recorded sightings documented within project blue books pages, including that of the Kecksburg Pa. incident. Some are still very baffling and remain unsolved mysteries to this very day.

However the majority of the cases documented by project blue book have been identified to be mis-interpreted phenomena. Phenomena, such as high weather clouds, hot air balloons, or the planet Venus for example. The smaller percentage of possible UFO observations in project blue book, have no real explanation as to what they may have been. In other words a small percentage of those sighting have no earthly, or reasonalbe explanation as to what they may have been.

The people of that little rural town outside of kecksburg Pennsylvannia; may never know the real truth behind what had jettisoned through that December sky and ended up in their local woods. And for the most part everyone located within the continental U.S. except maybe for a handful of top government officials, may never know that answer in addition.

The problem here is that there are so many strange and unsolved mysteries right here on our own planet. Mysteries that lie beneath the depths of even the mightiest oceans-even that of the region of the Atlantic called the Bermuda Triangle, that defy all logic and reasoning.

Continually reaching out and trying to determine if we are alone in the cosmos for example, is just another such example of mans attempts to discover his place in the universe. When we try to solve mysteries of things that we know very little about; it is like trying to find that needle in a haystack scenario.

One thing that you can be very certain of that if you find yourself wandering alone outside the confines of your home one moonless, dark and lonesome evening. And you happen to stumble upon a patch of woods in your neighborhood. And all that you can hear from a deep ravine below is...a bone-chilling,blood curdling cry, that doesn't sound one bit human. Then don't even stop to think twice as to what it might be. Just listen to your instincts and run the other way-run,run as fast as you can and don't look back!


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