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Journal - My journal of gratitude - a poem and some ideas for journaling

Updated on June 8, 2011

Journaling - the habit of journaling

Writing a journal of gratitude is a wonderful way of counting your blessings and remaining happy despite life’s trials. My Journal has become a friend…. I wonder if it will some day have an opinion of its own. Will it speak of me?? Speak of my follies, of my tears of my fears??? I wonder.

Sometimes when I write down my thoughts, my thinking becomes clear. It speaks back to me, what my mind says, but puts it in different ways. When I read it again and again, it becomes the long lost friend; it helps me look at me through different lenses… but remains faithful to my thoughts…. Do you have a special friend? A Journal?

My special friend, my journal dear,

I come to see you here,

To pour out thoughts, from my heart,

To tell my story, from my part.

Is been so long, oh journal dear,

I have updated you so clear,

My thoughts, my mind was with you,

Will be there, until I am through!

Every moment I record,

Quietly treasure it in my heart,

Every feeling, every move,

Seems somehow connected to you!

I wish that it is not a passing fancy dear,

My journal, my sounding board, do you hear?

The thoughts I write are all of me,

From every fiber, of my being.

I wonder what my days would be,

If I had no friend, you see,

Will my dark days pass with ease,

May I ask you, if you please?

My journal you hold my deepest thoughts,

Upon you do I quietly foist,

My every fear and every doubt,

Every cry, my heart does shout!.

My hope, my songs, my silent dreams,

All my mind's little themes,

I wonder will I ever find,

A friend like you, my journal kind.

You listen to my meaning (?)less words

With the sweetest of smiles and nods (?),

I wonder if you think differently,

In your private thoughts.

Will you share with me, some day,

What you make of my everyday,

My thoughts of gratitude and trust,

Which I placed in you at first.

Will you just file me down,

Like many have afore done,

Will you throw away my trust,

Like a paper ripped and thrown in the dust .

Will you become my memoir?

Of all the foolish things I have done,

I hope my friend that you’ll be around,

Till my peace, I have found.

I know it sounds silly talking to a journal.. but your journal may hold more of you than you memory can withhold.... try it!!

Journaling Ideas

Benefits of writing a journal

Keeping a journal is a wonderful way of looking at yourself from a detached angle.

It helps to improve your writing skills and forms the habit of writing everyday, it may even encourage you to look at your attitude towards life and write your thoughts differently everyday.

It makes you aware of the kind of thoughts and attitude you have towards life and helps you change your outlook over a period of time.

It helps you to think through your problems in a more objective manner and soon you will be able to work your way through difficult moments.

It provides a great relief for pent up emotions and helps you keep your balance.

Journaling Ideas

Journal your days activity in a humorous way or like a third person, this makes it interesting and fun.

Journal your thoughts, ideas and inspiration as they come, do not worry if they seem silly or simple, they could birth a great river of creativity in you.

Journal you travels, giving accurate descriptions and add your personal impressions of people, culture, lifestyle and natural scenery. These provide great backgrounds for any creative work that you may want to take up in the future.

It helps develop your writing skills.

Express your emotions especially strong, negative ones about people who cause them well up in you. If you can exaggerate it a little, these can grow into great cartoons or funny episodes for your creative work. It helps you laugh at those things that cause stress.  It is a great stress buster.

Descriptions of school life, college life etc. will provide a great picture of the times we live in.

A few photographs and scraps could add to the liveliness to your journals.

It is a great habit to form and best wishes on your journaling adventures!


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    • sofs profile image

      sofs 7 years ago

      Hi Denise,wonderful that you think this is a cool angle.. honored to have my journal of gratitude linked to yours, I did enjoy your thanksgiving hub and I wish you Happy thanksgiving too!!

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 7 years ago from North Carolina

      Hi Sofs-Beautiful. I agree with Timorous-cool angle.

      Sofs, I just completed my Thanksgiving hub and wanted to include some hubs by other hubbers having a similar focus. I've done that with your hub 'My Journal'. I hope you don't mind. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • sofs profile image

      sofs 7 years ago

      A journal can become your friend in whom you can confide without the fear of being judged.. yeah, I guess a friend for life..good times and bad times not withstanding..

      As always, you do add to what is said in my hubs.. yes Tim it can become the yard stick to measure the change in you.. but more than that I guess for me it will be my sounding board, my special friend and the voice to my thoughts.

      Thanks Tim for all that you are, a dear friend, a mentor and an encourager..can I thank you enough!

    • sofs profile image

      sofs 7 years ago

      Hi DawnM, thank you for stopping by and letting me know what you feel. Gratitude is the greatest secret to positive living, and positive living is the biggest secret to success. I honestly think having a journal of gratitude you say lift our spirits.

    • timorous profile image

      timorous 7 years ago from Me to You

      Wow sofs. What an interesting angle. Yes, I suppose it can be a friend when things are not going well, just as much as when things are fine.

      I guess one thing about a journal or diary, is that you can go back and remember what you were thinking at the time, and what's changed in you since then. Very nicely written. :)

    • dawnM profile image

      Dawn Michael 7 years ago from THOUSAND OAKS

      yes sofs, so very true to have gratitude. even when we feel down if we can think of in that moment what we have to be grateful for it can really help to lift our spirits up.

      lovely hub

    • sofs profile image

      sofs 7 years ago

      Hi Night, it is worth the effort, sounds like your thoughts speak back to you, much more clearer, like the sweet friend who really cares about your every thought. Makes you record and only think on the beautiful things in life.. try it. I am loving it!! :) God bless!!

    • nighthag profile image

      K.A.E Grove 7 years ago from Australia

      Its been many years since I kept a personal journal like this, I almost forgotten how much I used to love it.

      a beautifully sweet poem

    • sofs profile image

      sofs 7 years ago

      Thanks Mark, thank you for stopping by, do you also have a friend in your journal?

    • profile image

      markbennis 7 years ago

      So beautiful and true, thanks for sharing sofs