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Mysterious Footsteps

Updated on November 8, 2013
Mysterious things CAN happen at night.......
Mysterious things CAN happen at night.......
Is this IMAGINARY or is it REAL...............
Is this IMAGINARY or is it REAL...............
Something is coming nearer.........and nearer....and N-E-A-R-E-R.............
Something is coming nearer.........and nearer....and N-E-A-R-E-R.............

Home Alone?

I just returned to midtown New York apartment from work. My work day was unusually stressful. I was scheduled to interview a particularly agitated client. You see I am a psychiatric social worker and the client was thrown out of her home by a boyfriend. The client had nowhere to go and I had to place her in a woman's shelter. In addition to that, my immediate supervisor wanted me to interview a homeless person who appeared to be mentally ill. So my day was not exactly what could be described as copasetic.

After I plopped on the couch, I decided to play some CDs of Lena Horne, Liza Minelli, and Shirley Bassey to elevate my mood. I was beginning to detest my job as a psychiatric social worker. I hated the inane bureaucratic rules and red tapes. Are we actually helping these people or railroading them? I initially become a psychiatric social worker to help people lead better lives! Within the past two years, the newly appointed administration at my place of work was not actually concerned about alleviating the harsh and stressful lives of the clients whatsover. All they were concerned about was to make production quotas, not actually caring about the client's welfare. So each day, the clients were cursorily interviewed and an implementation plan was set in place. As of one year ago, I was getting tired of the job and was considering resigning!

Oh no, a voice was telling me that I had thirty-one years on the job with benefits and a great retirement package. I was also on the top of my grade and earning capacity! However, I hated the job and considered my continuing employment there to be analagous to serving a prison term! I just wanted out. Of course, I had some other plans underfoot. I was quite a writer and have written some stories on my blog which won prizes. I am also an amateur artist who loved to paint, sketch and draw so I am not completely talentless!

I was just bone tired. I was so tired that I could not cook so I decided to order some Japanese food! I called my favorite Japanese restaurant located in the West Village section of New York City. The restaurant manager knew me quite well and I was assured that my order would arrive minutes subsequent to my ordering! Finally, my order arrived- and it looks delicious! Uni sushi garnished with red caviar, tuna roll with the seaweed outside, yellowtail sushi garnished with scallion, salmon and avocado roll with a green salad.

After I had finished my meal, I decided to take an hour nap. This was while the cds were still playing. However, I thought that I had slept for an hour when actually it was three hours. It was quite unusually dark outside when I woke up! I decided to get up and take a long, luxurious jasmin bubble bath. After my bath, I took out the cds from the player, turned it off and returned to bed. Once I went to bed, I fell into a deep sleep.

When I woke up again, I thought that I heard some footsteps coming from the front room. I just brushed my concerns aside, thinking that it was my overactive imagination; perhaps, the footsteps were coming from the next apartment! I just dismissed it and returned to sleep. However, as I was going to sleep the footsteps become increasingly louder ! Again, maybe it is the next door neighbors.

Then I thought I heard someone walking in the front room towards the kitchen. The sound was strangely eery! I thought that this cannot be! I am the ONLY one in this house. The footsteps immediately stopped. I breathed deep and left my bedroom! I walked towards the kitchen and when I turned on the light, no one was there! I then walked through the entire apartment and there was NO ONE-not at all! I thought to myself that maybe I need a vacation because the job stress is REALLY affecting me! I returned to bed, hoping to have a restful, peaceful sleep!

However, my sleep was not peaceful. I had a series of nightmares ranging from falling off a cliff into a deep river, almost drowning to being corned by an especially rabid and fierce cobra! I finally awoke, breathed hard, and turned on my lamp! I thought it would be best to stay up for a while. To keep myself occupied, I decided to put PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED on my portable DVD player. I watched the movie for an hour, becoming increasingly sleepy. I subsequently turned off the lights and drifted to sleep.

As I was about to fall asleep, I heard thosefoot steps again. This time they were becoming louder and louder, almost stomping! This time, I KNEW that I was not imagining this. I decided to close my bedroom door. I was truly frightened! The footsteps was progressing from the front room to the kitchen, ultimately to one of the guest rooms. The footsteps were accompanied by a piercing, screeching howl! My God, what is THIS! What is GOING on?

Then I heard the footsteps at my bedroom door! I was completely immobilized. There was heavy breathing at the door! The bedroom door was locked. However, this presence was a supernatural! It was inconsequential that the door was locked- it could easily be opened! I just remained where I was-totally transfixed! Then there was the preternaturally howling sound! My God, there was nowhere for me to hide. However, there is another room adjacent to my bedroom. I could escape to there if need be!

The footsteps then left the area of my bedroom and proceeded towards the foyer area. I remained where I was ! I was going to play it safe! I do not dare put the bedroom light on! The dark was ironically safer! Then I heard an unearthly noise, a mixture of howling, hissing, and barking! That preternaturally eery noise made my hair stand on my neck! Then I rationalized the situation- MAYBE I am dreaming then maybe I am NOT! I do not know at this point!

Then the footsteps left the foyer area and proceeding towards my bedroom again. The howling and hissing sounds became deeper and more, let me say, demonic! I never heard such unearthly sounds before! Although I was frightened, I could not utter a sound! There was a flashlight in my night drawer! I can use it if the entity dare come near me!

Suddenly, there was a loud noise in the front room. I hear the cd playing but the music was nothing of this world- in fact, the music and singing could be described as infernal. The music was mixed with satanic laughter! Is this REAL? I knew that the previous day was so stressful that I am totally hallucinating! That's it! I am slowly going bunkers! Is this part of menopause I wonder? Yes, I thought to myself, you crazy old lady!

I just could not fall asleep. The situation was too perilous! The entity was laughing more demonically than ever before. Then, I heard loud and extremely vulgar cursing in a language that was totally undetectable! What is this I wondered? Then I smelled something smoky and musty. I REALLY become frightened! I heard even MORE footsteps and raspy, demonic voices! Is this some sort of perverse party? I dared not venture out of my bedroom at all!

It seemed like an eternity. Then it became gradually lighter outside. Daylight was finally coming. My eyes were heavy and I fell asleep exhausted. Within what it seemed like hours, I awoke. I went into the kitchen and front room areas, everything seemed intact as if nothing had been touched. Was I dreaming .............. however, I noticed telltale signs of a musty stench! Now, I am speechless!

© 2011 Grace Marguerite Williams


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    • Ercolano profile image

      Sam Walker 

      6 years ago

      Well, I couldn't believe it when I read Dame Shirley Veronica Bassey's name here; I totally have to explain who she is, when I play her CDs in my business, because everyone wants to know who it is (I've kissed her you know, she hugged me once, telling me to come up on the stage with her). So anyway, nice writing, and engaging story, but... I'm going to say to you, if I may, what I was very grateful someone said to me years ago, and that is, that you completely overuse exclamation marks. They become kind of meaningless used plentifully like that. The exclamation should be used sparingly, and therefore more enjoyable, and others should exist only in the readers' mind from your clever writing where necessary. To exclaim that you were going to eat Japanese for instance, is kind of non 'exclaim-able' if you like. Otherwise an enjoyable story.

    • gmwilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      To d. william: thank you for your response. I greatly appreciate your applause and positivity! Thank you again!

    • d.william profile image


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      voted up, awesome and interesting. Well written, riveting and a good reminder as to why we should not eat before going to bed. L.O.L. Well done.

    • mljdgulley354 profile image


      6 years ago

      Good one gmwilliams. Kept me reading to the end.


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