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Writing A Suspense Thriller

Updated on March 16, 2019
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Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

Let's Spice It Up ...

What’s a true mystery or thriller without a bit of the supernatural? Yes, it is great when you read a murder mystery and you find out at the end that “the Butler did it?” However, what would happen if there was an unexplained phenomenon?

There are unique times when we want to use our imagination regarding an issue. It puts a hint of speculation when you read about a character experiencing something that has not been explained. This article is about writing your story to your select audience who really enjoy a mystery!

The Escape

It was nearing midnight when Tarsha and Emily made their way to what looked like a unexpected clearing. The twosome had finally completed their trek and were ready for the culmination to this insanity. What seemed like a clearing was actually the highway! After maneuvering their way through marshlands and almost stumbling into a pit of quicksand; Tarsha and Emily had escaped, it seemed, out of their present threat in moderately good condition.

Nevertheless, there was still that very eerie darkness behind them, and the duo was reaching complete exhaustion. In the distance, they noticed a pair of ominous headlights approaching from the direction of the Willow Creek. The first proclivity of the duo was to run back into the woods and hide behind a tree. However, as the vehicle came within range, Emily recognized it as friendly.

“It’s Peter; he must be looking for us.” Emily said in total deliverance as the late model burgundy Lexus sailed by.

A Very Dark Night ...

“Old reliable to the rescue.” Tarsha stated with relief and then wonder. “Why did he change the signal? And where in the name of Sam Hill is he going?”

“Peter … Peter come back here” A nearly hysterical Emily laments looking at Tarsha in utter shock.

“It’s no telling where that idiot is bound. He has problems finding his way out of the bathroom.” Tarsha replied to the frighten woman.

“Oh … I remember when we visited that fancy restaurant. He got himself lost in the women’s restroom.” Emily recalled the man’s misadventure and both women laughed.

“Yep … he would be the one.” Tarsha smiled at Emily.

Meanwhile, Peter happened to look into his rear-view mirror.

“Now, I know Emily told me to meet her and Tarsha around here somewhere;, I think I need to backtrack. It’s dark out here and Emily is probably scared out of her mind, poor girl.” Peter replied attempting to turn his car around on the deserted road.

Bump …

The muffled sound was as if Peter had hit something or something had hit Peter.

However, thoughtfulness and good judgment told the old man that he had better just keep going and not turn back to see what’s happened.

“I ain’t crazy.” Peter mumbled to himself as he made the wide U turn to retrace his journey.

Bump …

A Ram in the Bush

It happened again as he completed his turn. With the quick wit of a younger man, Peter gunned the motor and with tires screeching he headed back for town. Emily recognized Peter’s Lexus just in time and jumped out of the way as Peter slammed on the breaks.

“What the …” Emily demands as Peter rolled down the window.

“Don’t say another word, just get into the car. I don’t know what’s going on back there, but it almost shook my car. And this is a pretty heavy vehicle.

Grrrr …

The sound of distant growling could be heard as the duo got into the truck. Peter threw the vehicle into gear and sped down the road in the direction of the Hollow. No one said a word as they wondered what on earth was going on now!

“Do you think it’s safe to go back to town. They will definitely look for us there first.” Emily began.

“I think you’re right!” Peter said, “But don’t worry, I know of a little place just north of the Hollow.”

“You’ve got a plan don’t you—you sly old rascal?” Tarsha replied finally able to smile again.

Peter smiled back as he headed with lightning speed into the distance.

“The game’s afoot alright!” Emily grinned, “Now it’s our turn!”

Final Comments

Now I will be able to either build on what the characters will do next regarding their plans against the evil culprits at the Christmas Cottage or I can emphasize the strange bumps and sounds that will be prevalent throughout the series. I will no doubt do both.

Make your mystery a little different from the ordinary. Experiment with different techniques until you find one that is appealing. Then try it out on your friends or even your online community. Enjoy writing and it will be a rewarding pastime.

Happy Writing!

© 2016 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS


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