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Nicholl McGuire's Inspirational Poetry

Updated on October 15, 2013
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Nicholl McGuire has been providing useful content on websites since 2007. Learn more about her business Nicholl McGuire Media.

Nicholl McGuire poet/author/speaker/mother Photo taken by Benton Design Photography
Nicholl McGuire poet/author/speaker/mother Photo taken by Benton Design Photography | Source

Inside of Me I Know There is a Living God

In my soul, I know

He used to be my foe.

But I had let him in

It was an easy win.

A place for me he made

I knew my sin would fade.

No longer would I hide

behind eyes that cried.

I know Him in my soul.

This is my life's goal.

Pleasing my teacher.

He gave me this feature.

Yes, God is inside

that old devil just lied.

by Nicholl McGuire


Keep your head held high.

Your back arched and strong.

Your legs planted and firm.

Your eyes open and full of vision.

Your arms extended and full of hope.

No longer will this world scar you with pain or knock you to your knees!

The Supreme Being is on your side and you shall continue to stand!

You are a heavyweight in a ring fighting

to live on a planet that hates your existance.

You look beyond their issues, their criticisms, their envy, their dramas...

you are the leader over a nation of followers!

Love is the make up of your being.

Power is the foundation of your mind.

Joy is the basis of your heart.

Wonderful the Lord is for using you to help others.

Continue to be an angel to all those who come in contact with you!

Hold your ground!

Move a nation!

Praise the Lord!

by Nicholl McGuire

Help Me Lord, Sold on Change: A poem by Nicholl McGuire

Just A Little Time

a little time spent


to enjoy peace and be comforted by your word

to pray in love filled with your Spirit.

a little time spent



taking notes not of worldy happenings

but of your righteous Son filled with your Spirit.

a little time spent


to examine myself

ask for forgiveness and repent filled with your Spirit.

a little time spent

alone with you


by Nicholl McGuire

Poem: They Want Our Children

When They Lie About You

You didn't do what they said you did.

Didn't say what they told them you said.

Will anyone listen to the truth?

A God who loves you, who stands by your side is listening.

Will you plead your case?

Pride gets in the way.

Past pain suffocates you from speaking.

The liar keeps telling his story.

You argue, you fight, even put up money to get him to shut up...

But he keeps ranting and you keep yelling!

When will you go to God?

Man's attorney has failed you.

Money didn't work for you.

Calls went unanswered.

The media doesn't care.

The truth hurts

but lies hurt more.

Stand strong, stand strong.

Fight powers that be.

Make them see the truth.

Ask God for his thoughts.

Create a plan.

Then act on it.

Nicholl McGuire also writes articles and books and markets products for others. Do you do the same? If so, stop by her blog. You might find something useful for your business.

Reference Books about the Holy Spirit


I call on you, Lord Jesus

sacrifice no longer matters

all you care is whether I obey

and continue to hope and pray.

For man it does matter that I'm going all the way,

I'm no longer the person I was yesterday.

You suggested I give up rhythm and blues, hip hop, rap, and music videos.

You helped me give up food for 40 days, shopping at malls,

and credit cards too!

You told me to give up old telephone numbers,

occult books, and worldly photographs.

You advised me to give up college boasting certificates,

mini skirts, and hairstyles that improperly represent.

You said to me give up past dreams and hopes,

old faces, old places, old worries, and cares.

You took away past guilt, a bitter heart

and lonely lost tears.

I call on you, Lord Jesus, because none of it matters.

For all you care is whether I obey and continue to pray.

by Nicholl McGuire

Spiritually Wounded

Trials and tribulations

I pray

Healing has begun

no more bandages

no more crutches

someone greater loves me.

I relied on the love of men and came up empty.

I thought of my own quick fixes and they were failures.

You came with your grace and mercy

bright lights

and open arms.

I lay in your bosom

and wait patiently.

Don't awaken me,

for I am not ready--

just want to sleep,

just want to sleep.

by Nicholl McGuire

Floral Beauty on a Dead-End Street by Nicholl McGuire

We Can Take Bad Situations & Turn Them Around with Creativity - Return back to childhood for only but a moment

Are you a Believer?

When you realized that God was real and you wanted to improve your life circumstances, where did you receive this revelation?

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Nicholl shares thoughts of encouragement, rebuke, and correction on YouTube

Nicholl talking about her poetry/essay book Laboring to Love Myself

© 2010 Nicholl McGuire


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