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No Time for Passion

Updated on July 26, 2016



Life, time and passion

This is something weird, but today i don't have anything to write, to share but still my heart wants me to write and my hands are not under my hold, I want to write, write and write, but the topic i want to write is not known to me. My heart wishes to lay itself bare and wants me to share all the petty incidents I had, all the feeling though mixed to share and express to all,

This is about a girl, with a passion to write something great, something unusual, something enthralling, to write with enthusiasm, but the topic, the magic of words is missing. What do i write and what should my writing be.

My skills, my passion to write where is it gone. Once i expressed what ever i felt, but now the magic, magic of my words where it is? My words lack the power, their magical spell. Is this what my work has given me? Has it separated me from my love, my art my passion.

It been months and this is the first piece I am writing and I am jotting down the words as if this is something new, something I have never done before. Is this my livlihood giving me. My work is giving me bread, but drawing me away from me, away from my breath and away from what I really am.


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