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Online Writing for Non- Native Writers: Tips on How to Earn More

Updated on July 5, 2014

Write with a Purpose


I can’t believe how other non-native writers could completely lower down their standards, by accepting jobs that are lower than one dollar per 500-word article.

As a neophyte writer myself, I am deeply saddened by this trend. I truly believe that writers will have each place in this wide online world. All we have to do is find a place, a better place which can give total respect to what we do. We have every option not to fall for these online sharks who are always looking for a chance to use writers for their own substandard works....their baits are poisonous.

How could other writers endure this disdainful attitude? How could they allow "requestors" to say, “Do not apply if you bid for more than a dollar per article.”, or “Lowest bidder wins.”? How can they let them limit their worth to just a dollar by continuously giving in to this "Lowest bidder" demands? If we think we are only worth less than a dollar, then we should work hard to improve our craft for a higher standard. It might not be today, but definitely, we will come to that. No need to stay at this mediocre level, and allow other people to step on our being less a writer.

I know that our ultimate drive in writing is to earn. However, writing is not supposed to be a career for money. This is supposed to be a passion, of being able to express oneself in different topics to people all over the world, of being listened and appreciated, and not to be downgraded.

Basically, giving a higher rate to an original material does not mean looking forward to earning more, but it is giving the right value to one’s self and one’s ideas. It drives us to create unique and more qualitative articles.

At a lowest price, a writer has a tendency to create five or more substandard articles, just to hit a five-dollar earning. He is not only lowering his own standards, but the standards of other non-native writers, who are doing their very best; writers, who are at par with the best in the world, those who have struggled to carve a name, not for their own sake, but to lift the reputation of non-native writers being excellent online writing partners too.

The law of supply in demand in Economics should not apply to online writing. We should learn to define supply in our own context, by quality, not by quantity. If we continuously strive for quality, then we are creating the demands for ourselves and for other writers like us.

I have to make it clear though, I have nothing against contracts who are asking for native writers in particular. I have total respect for the native writers who are writing using their own native language. It is expected, that they present ideas well, communicate well, and organize their thoughts well; a thing that non-native writers might equal to, but not surpass at all. But, it doesn’t mean to say that we won’t strive to make our work perfect. We have to start right, to finish right.

It is great to know that online writing has so much to offer to all of us writers from all over the world. We, non-native writers, do not have to compete with native writers. We can find several avenues whose guidelines match ours. No need for us to settle for lowest bids, just to earn. Let us always remember, excellent writers, who have put so much value to their works, are the ones who are likely to succeed. Hopefully, we can join their league, without necessarily undressing our integrity, but rather uphold our commitment to quality writing.

By the way, I know this by heart since I am a non-native writer and a neophyte; but I am paid $30 per 6 (500-word) articles. If I found my place, why couldn't you.

For Filipino writers take time to read before you start your venture.

Explore Opportunities


How to Be a Competitive Writer and Earn More

Selling ourselves to the right client can be a challenge. Our failure to present our skills and create good impressions, determine the kind of jobs we are getting. Clients wouldn't see our real value, if we don't show how capable we are to them effectively. Here are things that a writer must remember to get better writing contracts.

  • Choose jobs carefully. Do not limit yourself to Odesk only. There are other online job sites whose contracts are far better than Odek. Check out Freelancer, Fiverr, Buy SEO, Homebasedjobs, Cashforums and many, many more to be able to choose high-paying jobs that is worth your effort, your time, and your skill.
  • When choosing for the right client, make sure to check client feedback or contractor’s comment, or any information in the site that help you see whether the client you are entering a contract with is not a scammer. Check the comments to have an idea how to deal with the client. High feedbacks usually indicate good client-contractor relationship.
  • Do not commit to something you cannot deliver. This will lower your feedback score. Therefore, offers will also decrease. Deliver outstanding test articles and maintain good work all through out. Limit “decline by client” status. This will give the client a bad impression for you as a worker.
  • Take your time. Spend more time looking for the right job before finalizing your application. It is not good to cancel contracts because of finding another one higher and better than the first. Browse first, bookmark, and go back to finalize your application letter.
  • Write good cover letter. Sell yourself in a way you would want to hear someone selling themselves to you.
  • Strive to improve yourself all the time. Read, read, and read. It pays to read several articles in a day so you will have comprehensive knowledge on various topics. Remember, there are clients online who will hire you for a months work dealing with various niches. It is good to be in the know. Improve your grammar. Each time you encounter something uncertain to you, consult your friendly Google.


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    • go-barbara-go profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you MizBejabbers....what a compliment!

      I am full blooded Filipino, I had never visited any English -speaking countries before, but so lucky to be born in a family with parents who had been trained by the Thomasites (American Teachers) during World War II. Both of my parents speak English well.

      Thanks for passing by. You inspired me.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James MizBejabbers 

      9 years ago from Beautiful South

      Well, you didn't say what your language is, but if it is not English, you have a beautiful command of English. I admire and respect any writer who learns another language and writes as well as a native. I don't have that ability. I was in some journalism classes with non-native speakers and writers and really admired their skills. One young lady from Tokyo used to complain that she had problems with English articles, but other than that, she wrote beautifully and got a job in public relations in our town after she graduated.

    • go-barbara-go profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Philippines

      Yes, MizBejabbers, that is right...native are those who use English as their first language. The big four are US, Canada, Australia, and UK.

      When I first started out, I was shocked by this kind of treatment. Now, I come to accept that this does not matter, as long as a writer values himself and would not give in...They can flourish, but they wont succeed.

      Thanks for dropping by.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James MizBejabbers 

      9 years ago from Beautiful South

      I'm not sure exactly what you mean by non-native writer, but am I correct in assuming non-native to the writing industry of the United States? I am glad your writing is earning you money because you deserve to be paid for your ability. You also enlightened me because except for the pittance hubs earn for exposure, I didn't know that there was an industry that was exploiting writers by offering so little. Thank you for a good hub. Voted you up and useful.

    • go-barbara-go profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks for reading some of my works ignugent17. I'm deeply honored.

      I had gone through many rejections before God gave me my blessing. It's been 8 months and I'm glad I joined HP. It improved my craft a lot.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Thanks for this information. It is always good to know that you are concern of other writers. Writing is an art and it helps us express what we feel. You are so lucky to be paid and at the same time expresses your ideas.

      Voted up and more. :-)

    • go-barbara-go profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Philippines

      thanks for agreeing ramurray3.

    • ramurray3 profile image


      9 years ago from New York City

      You are so right..


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