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Nothing better to do so I geuss its time to write another hub

Updated on August 3, 2012

Bored so I geuss I'll do some free writing

What is up hubbers! It is me the "purty picture" man. I'm back with no clue or idea about what to write. So I geuss I'm gonna just ramble on and on just to see what happens. Hmmmm....let me see let me see...what can I say? What can the topic be? hmmm,....How about this? Doesn't hubpages look like a big how to e-book now? I mean everytime I come to this site its either "HOW TO SHAVE YOUR CAT WITHOUT GETTING SCRATCHED", or " "HOW TO MAKE SQUIRREL PIE LIKE GRANMA USE TO MAKE." Something like that....where is the dam entertainment? Dang it! Where is the fun? Oh Yeah google adsense kicked the living fun out of the blog sites over the last couple of years. I geuss fun doesn't pay, and entertainment doesn't add up when it comes to dollars and cents. You know that half of half a penny that adsense pays out, or may not pay out depending upon if you get by the cinabytes I mean moderators. I geuss thats where I come in at....The Last Free Writer with twin pens on hip ready to pull eyes twitching sweat pouring down my brow at high noon.... go ahead pull your pen. I dare you. Yeah I geuss thats why all my adsense is disabled. But hey!! I write for free!!! Well for free here on hubpages anyway. I mean If I'm going to put in all that hardwork researching and all that dad gum stuff I might as well write me a fire breathing ebook and put up a website and connect it to paypal, google checkout,and clickbank. Heck then I could receive 90% of my earnings instead of point one cut in half divided by three.OOPS! I hope the cinabytes didn't catch that!

Use A BADD!!! Shut yO! mouth child!!!

I love playing around with the design aspect of hubpages. I like to tell a stories with my pictures as well as my words. I luv I mean just luv to lay down the soundtrack to each and every hub that I make or I should say create It is fun. Plus it is a good stress reliever for me. Relaxes my mind takes me away. When I stare at the blank page before I turn it into a bill yon article I realize that I am the master of this space I am the creator of this atmosphere I could create a hubpage that can bring a negative vibe to the few followers that I have but I would rather create something that is kind of fun. Something that takes your mind away for a few minutes....take you into another world. Suck you all up into BILL YON land. And while you are cruising through the land of yon you are gone just for a second. If that happens when you read one of my hubs then I am a success. If it doesn't well its back to the drawing board. Besides I save my good stuff for my e-books!!!! BwAhAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Just kidding...sort of. So Do you want to ride this lyrical journey laced with r&b music a lil hip hop, some pop and a WHOLE bunch of incorrect grammer going on? Well come walk with me see what I see and togethor we will find out what this hub is going to be because right now its a mystery like I said I'm just writing free.

O.K. lets talk about digital downloads

O.K. Free writing is over with, subject found. Thats what free writing is about keeping the pen moving until you can lovk on to a subject. I have been here at hubpages for four years. In the beginning I was really into trying to create a blog and generate passive income. So I began my blogging career ready to make money. Along that journey I learned a few things, one,my subject matter does not sale. Meaning short stories and blogs about nothing do not attract traffic and do not transfer into cash. The second thing I learned is if I am going to make any money doing this I will have to do a little research, make that a lot of research. Something else I learned is if I am going to make any real dolo or scratch I need total control over my product, and the last thing I learned is it is hard to make any cash when you have more than one hand in the cookie jar. No follow throughs, moderation of content and splitting of the already half of penny really did not seem worth it. So I started hubbing for fun, really it was an experiment as learned how to lay out my pages in my OWN style. Along the way I also learned how to hit a target audience and I realized that ORIGINAL content rules. With that in mind I set my path on plr rights and master resell rights as well as developing my own digital products. What I have discovered is that the sky is the limit when it comes to digital products. If done right you can make a killing. I have not made a killing yet but so far I have generated 280 bucks off of clickbank with an ebook put togethor using plr products. I know it is not a lot of money but its more than I have generated on one of these blogging sites. Plr stands for Private Label Rights meaning you can purchase the master resell rights and copy rights of a wide variety of materials. Be careful if you do this because there is a lot of crap out there but there are some gems as well. Right now I play with this plr/master resell rights like a hobby. One thing for sure that there is real money to be made in digital downloads. Just like blogging sites original content is king. Most of the PLR products out there for sale is already been marketed and still is being marketed by entreupreneurs for years, so if you can create something new and exciting you stand a fair chance of making a good pay day. So think about that. Anyway check out my videos and PEACE I'm AUDI 5000.


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