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Obama as Othello - A Shakespeare Parody. Act 5 Scenes 2 & 3 : Obama visits Dublin and London.

Updated on May 31, 2013

Step back in time to see how this little drama unfolds. Click on the link below and you will be taken back through the mystical, misty mists of time to the campaign of 2008.


Obama as Othello - A Shakespeare Parody.

Act 5 Scenes 2 & 3 :

Obama visits Dublin and London.

It is now May 2011.

President Othell'Obama is on a short European Tour which will take in four countries.

He will visit France and Poland.

But first he flies to Ireland before an important visit to the UK.


Act 5 Scene 2 : Obama visits Dublin

The scene is at Farmleigh House in Dublin where Irish President Mary McAleese and Taoiseach Enda Kenny discuss the upcoming visit of President Obama.

Kenny: He must have Irish blood in him

McAleese: Nah! They all say that. It helps with the votes in Boston and New York.

Kenny: But with a name like O'Bama I thought he would have came from around these parts. I know a few O'Brien's so maybe it's a branch of the old family tree an' that. I think that's a Munster name. Is his folks not from around there then?

McAleese: No! He's from a small island off the west coast.

Kenny: Valentia?

McAleese: No!

Kenny: Beginish?

McAleese: No!

Kenny: Not feckin Puffin Island?

McAleese: No! Not feckin Puffin Island. Hawaii

Kenny: I'm fine thanks

McAleese: Ya flamin eejit!! Hawaii is the name of the island

Kenny: Where's that then? I don't remember a Howaryee island around the west coast. Though it sounds friendly sure enough.

McAleese: That's because it's 2,000 miles off the west coast of America. In the Pacific Ocean.

Kenny: Ohh! I get ye now. I know it. Of course. Grass skirts and garlands and that detective guy on the balcony. The place the Japs hammered the bejasus out of.

McAleese: That's the one.

Kenny: So what's it for then?

McAleese: What's what for?

Kenny: The 'O' in his name of course

McAleese: Well not really 'of course' since you keep going off at a tangent every time you open yer hole. Makes it hard to follow your argument

Kenny: Sure it's handy for the ol' debating in the Dáil. Keeps them guessing.

McAleese: No matter anyway, you've been barking up the wrong tree there. The 'O' isn't Irish at all.

Kenny: No?

McAleese: Well! No! Not really. He had a great, great, great grandfather in a place called Moneygall in Tipperary back in the 19th century. But it hardly makes him an ancient son of the Gaels now, does it?

Kenny: But what does the 'O' stand for?

McAleese: It doesn't stand for anything

Kenny: Much like the man himself

McAleese: I guess so but it's just the first letter of his surname that's all it is

Kenny: Fair enough so. But why is he wanting the Yank-Irish vote?

McAleese: I don't think he is particularly.

Kenny: Oh come on now Mary me ol' girl! Why the hell would he come over here? The economy is on its arse and the weather is godawful.

McAleese: I dunno! Mind you it's the biggest news here since foot and mouth. But maybe just a wee stepping stone for his London visit tomorrow.

Kenny: Jasus, Mary and Joseph! Who does he think he is then, Finn McCool or something? I think he's just here for a holiday. One of them cheap city breaks you see in the Irish Times. I'll bet he's even wearing one of them daft leprechaun hats. We got loads of them left over from St Paddy's Day.


McAleese: If you say so but these are trifles light as air. Maybe he's come for the Guinness.

Kenny: That's right! That'll be it sure enough. That toffee-nosed Greek Prince Phillip wouldn't touch it the other day.

McAleese: So! What do you expect from the Brit Royals?

Kenny: Old git that he is. Borderline racist not to sample the Guinness.

McAleese: Old Lizzy was nice mind you. She looked lovely in emerald green.

Kenny: But could she not have managed a half pint even? Sinn Fein were raging so they were.

McAleese: It's not a ladies drink Enda. Maybe we'll have more luck with Obama.

Kenny: Yes! That stuff doesn't export too well so perhaps he's come here straight to the source. I bet that's what it is. Maybe he'll do an advert.

McAleese: I don't think he's allowed to do that

Kenny: You're kiddin! Sure he was never off the telly saying how smashin that Democratic Party is.

McAleese: Those aren't adverts, they're Party Political Broadcasts so they are.

Kenny: So what's the bloody difference then?

McAleese: Well, it's his party and if he wants to promote it then why shouldn't he?

Kenny: All I'm saying is that he could give us a wee hand up could he not? Just a tiny sip of the black nectar in front of the cameras and we can start shipping more gallons of the stuff over to the good ol' US of A. Maybe even a wee Jamesons to keep himself warm from this terrible weather.

McAleese: Somehow I doubt it. Besides the weather forecast is good. It's going to be a warm and sunny day.

Kenny: OK! Stick some ice in his whiskey

McAleese: I don't think he'll partake

Kenny: Smacks of ingratitude anyway if ye ask me. I mean, who do they think built their feckin railroads?


Act 5 Scene 3 : Obama visits London.

It is the following day and President Obama is at 10 Downing Street where he meets the British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Obama: Good morning Mr Cameron

Cameron: Please! Call me Dave

Obama: OK! Dave it is

Cameron: Let me introduce my esteemed colleague here. This is Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London.

Obama: Hi Boris.

Johnson: Good morning Mr President. Golly gosh! This is tremendously thrilling to meet you

Obama: Call me Othello


Johnson: That's very civil of you old bean, thank you, thank you very much. What do you say Dave, for he's a jolly Othello is he not?

Cameron: Very funny Boris

Obama: Hell yeah! I'm jolly, jolly and happy to be here

Cameron: Great! And how was your visit to Ireland?

Obama: Oh they made me throw that beer of theirs down ma throat. Can't stand it dude

Cameron: Well, don't say that in public or you'll create a major diplomatic incident. They're a touchy crowd over there.

Johnson: Oh gosh! Absolutely old chap. The Paddies are a truculent lot. We had 800 years trying to sort them out. Never quite managed it.

Obama: You kinda ballsed up back at my place too.

Johnson: Indeed, indeed. Those Mau Mau warrior chappies were a jolly fearsome bunch.

Obama: Not Kenya ma man. I'm talking about the USA.

Johnson: Oh yes! Of course, of course! By jove yes. Crates of tea in the drink and all that mallarkey

Obama: Empires always fall so they say.

Cameron: And how is yours doing these days?

Obama: Not too bad. Still collecting the 'Trump' cards slowly but surely. We swapped a lot with the Russians after 1991 of course. In fact I'm off to Poland in a couple of days. Lost Venezuela and Bolivia in our own backyard and Iraq and Afghanistan sure are hot potatoes.

Cameron: North Korea would be a real coup

Obama: If that's what it takes

Cameron: The Chinese hold the cards on that one

Obama: Hell! They got the whole goddam deck Davey boy

Johnson: Wow! Thrilling. 'Top Trumps' indeed. North Korea would make a corking doubler. Takes me back to the Bullingdon days when I collected the old cricket cards at university. Had a few tussles with Gideon over Middlesex.

Obama: I'm perplexed in the extreme. I don't even want to ask what that means

Cameron: Please don't

Boris: Sorry! Sorry! But don't worry Mr President, we'll make sure we give the Chinese a jolly good shake up at the ping-pong next year.

Obama: Excuse me?

Cameron: Oh, Boris is on about the Olympics again. We have a pretty good table-tennis team here in Britain.

Obama: I see. But now here come our delicate creatures

Cameron: Ah! It's the girls. maybe we can have a game of mixed doubles later. But for now let's get outside and smile for the press.

Johnson: Oh spiffing! Can I tag along chaps?

Cameron: Not with that hair Boris. Time for a trim maybe.

Johnson: Oh gosh! Maybe you have a point. Heads of state, public image and all that tosh. Righty-ho!!! I'll snap on the bicycle clips and get straight off to the old Sweeney Todds for a snip. Toodle-loo for now chaps!

Exeunt esteemed Mayor Johnson on his carbon frameset mountain bike with added hooter.

Obama: He sure is a zany guy. Entertaining though. I hear he might want to be Prime Minister.

Cameron: Only if the country wants a buffoon in charge.

Obama: Ha ha! In that case maybe he'd make excellent Presidential material. Sort of Bush Mark III you know. Pity he's English.

Cameron: Oh! Didn't you know?

Obama: Know what?

Cameron: He's a native New Yorker.

Obama: You're kidding?

Cameron: Nope! Born in the Big Apple. So you can have him for Commander-in-Chief whenever you want. He still collects 'Game of Thrones' cards you know.

Obama: Dave!! Forget we ever had this conversation. Let's get the photo-shoot over with.

Cameron: Sure!

Obama: And then we play ping-pong.




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    • Shinkicker profile image

      Shinkicker 4 years ago from Scotland

      Boris for President!!!!

      Thanks for reading LaThing.

    • LaThing profile image

      LaThing 4 years ago from From a World Within, USA

      LOL, LOL ...... Wonderful story! Such characters .... Really enjoyed reading it! I can just picture those people having a conversation... Haha! Johnson as the commander-in-chief?! We will all perish! *_*

      Voting up and everything! :)