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Updated on May 14, 2022
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I have written over 4,000 poems and 1,000 songs and yet I am still searching for that perfect poem or song which eludes me.

A Most Perfect Beach

(c)-1997-Artwhimsically Yours Studio-MFB III
(c)-1997-Artwhimsically Yours Studio-MFB III

Ocean bound

Ocean bound, 
I sit quietly here, 
as I ponder this day
watching the bathers, 
and nature at play,
making me smile 
in a most peaceful way,
as my pale sun blocked face 
gazes over the bay
A most perfect beach
my margarita in reach
plus the wedge of a lime
waiting for me to leach
out its sweet, sour tang
as I sit and get tanked
on ths most lovely bank
fro mteh four that I drank
Pelicans do make even
the clumsy feel graceful,
Seagull-ibles eat 
all that's left 
when we're wasteful,
ocean waves slap 
sand-wich's most distasteful,
the next time you're caught 
in the grip of their tides 
grab a face full. 
The sea has a Porpoise,
it's a Grouper of humans,
from the north coast of Maine,
to the beaches of Cubans
from the African capes 
to the isle of Aruban's
it's a whale of a time
lobster red, folks sit fuming,
in this huge, tourist traps
bright umbrellas are blooming
at ten dollars a day,
rental sales charts are booming
while out on the waves 
boogie boards all go zooooming
dancing over white crests 
till the hard surf entombs 'em
in the edge of the shore
then they're back out for more 

Toddlers prance, 
some get crabby,
while others just perch,
on the edge of each wave
lest it gives them a lurch,
spending hours just sifting in 
a great seashell search
getting sand in their buckets, 
filling buckets with sand,
building castles that crumble, 
forming turrets by hand
it's a wee bit of heaven 
here on earth, oh, so grand.

Summers spent at the ocean 
are vacations well planned,
so return to the sea 
from whence once emerged man,
hear those distant waves call,
catch them soon, if you can. 

After you've cooked your skin
above scalding, hot sand
and your flesh is bright red
or just naturally tanned
make a run for the ocean
 as fast as you can
cause your feet will feel like
you've crossed a frying pan
let the cool waters sooth you
the ocean will move you
back to times you once knew
it's salt water are cleansing
they  wash away current blues
but maybe next time buy flip-flops
so you don't have to hop
back to your chair and towel
where you'll feel so refreshed
and you sit and you stretch
in a canvas back chair
with wet skin and hair
that the cool ocean air
will make you glad you are there

© 2009 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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