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Ode to the changing seasons

Updated on March 26, 2011
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She loves to write about science, the natural world and peoples questions about life. She has degrees in Biology, botany and Ecology.

by Mirna Santana

Ii is that time of the year! The living things stretch and sight after a long winter. The new leaves still shy began to show as tiny buds on the trees. And the not so shy birds display their  beauty and strength to convince a mate!
Ii is that time of the year! The living things stretch and sight after a long winter. The new leaves still shy began to show as tiny buds on the trees. And the not so shy birds display their beauty and strength to convince a mate! | Source

Celebrating The Earth Many Faces

My friends here I am with my open hands, I offer you this gift as a little present for your happiness. Lets celebrate the beauty of our planet Earth!

I do like musing especially in matters of nature but also about inspiring people. The people that inspire me comes from all venues of life--but many are the closest ones. I love reading and every single day, I learn something new someone else wrote. I like reading but also get a lot fun opening a book in a random page and looking for what I call my treasury box. Some days the normal people around me my friends, my family, my peers or professor or some else walking on the street may just make the trick.

I would have call it Poetry of The Season but an Ode sounds more like an elogy or eulogy-- a chant that represents some respect and a sense of awe. The online dictionary defines eulogy as the praise bestowed on a person or thing. But an ode according to Wikepedia is a lyrical verse composed of three parts: strophe, antistrophe, and epode. "It is an elaborately structured poem praising or glorifying an event or individual, describing nature intellectually rather than emotionally."  I was not really seeking to encapsulate myself within a particular structure, yet it sort of came about that way. My ode ends in a sort of musing or the invitation to sing together--just like in the Greek Odes, the odes ended with a chanting next to the altar.


Ode to the Changing Seasons

Happiness come from within.
My brain is musing
I want to share...
A warm cup of coffee helps..
And hash brown potatoes for breakfast help as well.

Today, I can see the abundance of love and life...
The sunny days are back!
Long days for thinkerin' and enjoyment.

Are you smiling yet?

Lets appreciate what we have and share
A shared home on Planet Earth!

© 2011 MSantana


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    • MSantana profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Madison Wisconsin

      BTW-that was the food that I had that day. It sort of reminds me of a little happy friend.


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