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Kingdoms of Camelot - Dominate Resource Management

Updated on September 2, 2011

Kingdoms of Camelot

Kingdoms of Camelot is a Real Time Strategy game played within Facebook. Your challenge is to successfully manage a complex kingdom filled with armies, castles, cities, research, and detailed resource management issues.

The key to success in this game is to find the most efficient balance between growth, resource production, and the size and scope of your offensive capabilities. The larger the army a player desires to maintain, the more resources are needed.

There are many factors that go in to resource production, including the types of fields that are owned, the number, type and level of wildernesses captured and the skill levels of the Knights assigned.

There are several techniques to manage Advanced Food Management issues.

Overview Panel

Base Food Management


Base Production

Base food production is based on two factors: the number of farms and the level of those farms.

You can place a farm in any of the 40 field slots (with a level 10 castle).

Ideally, you will have 37 of those field slots filled with farms. Each level 9 farm will produce 4,500 food units per hour.

Knight's Role

Knight Bonus

Knights will provide a bonus to base production as well. The Resourcefulness skill of the assigned Steward is used to calculate the bonus.

The bonus is calculated as a 1% increase in resource production for every 2 levels of the Steward's Resourcefulness skill.

Pay close attention to the Knight!  Upgrade their skills as soon as possible, and use the bonus items to improve their skills quickly.

A more detailed analysis on the role of Knights is found here.

Research Bonus

Research Bonus

Fertilizer is a bonus that is researched in the Alchemy Lab.  The first nine levels of research will bring this bonus up to 90% of the base production.

Level 10 Fertilizer requires a Level 10 Farm.  The extra Divine Inspiration to upgrade the Farm to Level 10 is worth it for the extra bonus though!

Upgrading Fertilizer to Level 10 will maximize the bonus to 100% of base production - doubling your resource production.


Wilderness Bonus

Click on the Wilderness tab of the Overview Panel to see the number of Wildernesses, their level, and locations.

You should only have food-related wildernesses.  Every other resource is easy to get - Food is not.

Look at the example on the right.  There are 10 (with a level 10 castle) level 10 wildernesses.  Each Level 10 Wilderness earns a 50% bonus.  In the example listed above, 10 wildernesses at 50% bonus each amounts to a 500% total bonus. 

Do not settle for anything less than maximizing the number of food producing wildernesses!

Kingdoms of Camelot - Castle

Providence Bonus

This is included as a baseline.  If you owned no farms, no Knights, no Research, etc. then some resources would still be produced.

This is forever locked at 100 resources per hour.

Item Bonus

Item Bonus

There are two levels of item bonuses.

  • 24 hour bonus - Day of Prosperity (gold), Harvest Prayer (food), Druidic Blessing (wood), Gnomish Stone Cutter (stone), Dwarven Mining Tools (ore)
  • 7 day bonus - Week of Prosperity (gold), Harvest Sacrifice (wood), Druidic Ceremony (wood), Gnomish Quarrying Team (stone), Dwarven Assistance (ore)
These are all temporary bonuses, but can certainly help during periods when an extra boost is needed.


Upkeep is the reason why resource production is needed.  Troops eat food - a LOT of food! In the example listed above, the troops are eating 55,000 food per hour.

Please let me know if this helped you

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    • profile image

      Me 7 years ago

      how do you get a mine Lord kstar kyle asks,

      The answer is to build one.

    • profile image

      lord kstar kyle 7 years ago

      how do u get a mine

    • profile image

      Toommus 7 years ago

      i have 4 cities 2 only have farms and 9 lvl 10 lake-wilds. as i refuse to buy devine inpirations to get lvl 10's. the other 2 cities are ((19farms and 21mills) with 8 lvl 10- lakewilds and 2 lvl10 wood) and ((17farms and 20mines) with 7 lvl10-lakewilds and 2 lvl10 mine wilds). As i'm only on once every couple of days this is more than efficient to be sustainable. I hit barb camps still probly 3-4 an hour when i'm on. but as all wood production is in one city and ore in the other i'm making 400k of each an hour so i have plenty left over to sell. And yes i have no quarries at all once walls have reached max. Basically all i'm saying is max your base production in each city to maximise wilderness percentages.

      Works for me hope it helps.

    • Mutiny92 profile image

      Mutiny92 7 years ago from Arlington, VA

      Jeros, I concur that Barb camps are the best way to get food quickly in order to feed your troops. That said, it is a combination of maximizing your food production in fields with the Knight Bonus and research bonuses that will help your overall food upkeep. If you don't play every day, you are not able farm the barb camps - and that can cause your troops to abandon you.

    • profile image

      Jeros414 7 years ago

      This guide is very misleading. "Farming" Barbarian camps is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH** (M~U~C~H) ** Faster for food production. The idea that your city should have 37 lvl 9 farms is stupid.

      Maybe it's because I took 2nd place in the barbarian tourny, but you shouldn't EVER not have at least 5 Sawmills and Mines. I would recommend having at least 1 city with 10 mines/Sawmills...And focusing on Forests and mountains. I don't bother with Quarries as Stone is very cheap in Markets.

      Having around 20 farms is good for someone that dosn't play daily...but play how you like to play. When you have a food upkeep of -500k, It dosn't matter how many farms you have as 1 lvl 5 barb camp is equal to an hour of upkeep.... and if you hit about 70 barbarian camps in an hour....Why would you ever need to have farms again?

    • Mutiny92 profile image

      Mutiny92 7 years ago from Arlington, VA

      you need to build a sawmill in your fields to get wood.

    • profile image

      Lord Geoffrey 7 years ago

      how do

      I get/produce wood?

    • profile image

      T5R 7 years ago

      cant get wood says nun????