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Updated on October 18, 2018

Angie ran as fast as she could, looking quickly over her shoulder to be sure she wasn't being followed. Her golden curls were flying behind her, sweat was shining on her forehead, and she was grinning with joyful excitement. She could hear her friend, Debbie Watson, counting, "....7, 8, 9, 10, 11...," and squeals from her other friends as they scattered to hide as she ran deeper into the woods behind her house.

It was the best birthday party EVER! All of the girls from her class had come, the party had been sooo much fun, the presents fantastic, and her Mom had even given her her very own cell phone! After all, she was now ten years old, and could be trusted to take care of it! Now they were all playing hide-and-go-seek behind her house, so she would of course, win. Nobody else knew about the little clearing just a bit further than you would think it should be through the trees.

The shade of the trees gave way to bright sunshine as she burst through into the clearing. She knew no one was following her because she couldn't hear anyone anymore. She collapsed happily in the middle of the clearing, lying flat on her back, eyes clenched against the sun, smiling so wide that her cheeks hurt. The world was a happy, happy, yellow-orange on the other side of her eyelids as she lay there in the warm sunshine. Then, something blocked the sun.

"How did you find me?" Angie wondered aloud in disappointment as she opened her eyes, thinking Debbie must have found her after all. But when she opened her eyes it wasn't her friend standing over her blocking the sun. There just wasn't a sky there anymore. Angie tried to sit up and see what had happened, but found out that she couldn't sit up. She couldn't move on her own or make a sound at all. But she was moving!

Angie rose up through the air, silently screaming inside her head in terror as she was floating quietly and peacefully like a balloon up through a door in the bottom of a spaceship. When she passed through and was safely inside, the door was suddenly not there, and Angie was suspended in a small, round, room with flat metallic walls. She was not alone.

There was a short creature, just under three feet tall, with really big eyes, hardly any nose at all, and no lips on a very small mouth. Angie also thought it looked like a doll with very long fingers, no clothes, and no apparent reason for clothes, standing there gazing at her expressionless and without emotion(as far as Angie could tell). But the creature was actually very excited. And very busy.

After all, he had traveled across the universe as an explorer, surveying as it went looking for new lands that could be of use to his own kind. Just as we have always done, assuming that since they(we) weren't there yet, it was actually "uninhabited." He began his examination of the sample he had collected.

"Sentient species. Young female. Average build, good health, evident normal growth," he spoke, recording as he conducted the initial examination. "Connecting the sensing probes and mental stimulators." The creature spoke in a very high pitch, but as he spoke, things happened. Wires and cables detached and extended themselves towards Angie. She was so terrified by their touch that she peed her pants, and began to hyperventilate.

Then as the different probes and wires reached their assigned destinations within her body, she became instantly calm. The thin wire that entered her left ear and made a microns thick hole to access her brain began to tell her that she was safe, that there was nothing to worry about. The similar wires that penetrated her right ear and both nostrils went to other parts of her brain, to her spine, exploring everything about her physically and mentally. There were other probes that went into her throat and all other openings, learning everything about her , and therefore human and mammilian physiology, without having to dissect anything.

"Completed with collection of physical traits. beginning societal and historical data collection." With this, the equipment activated other probes which in turn collected information from areas of Angie's brain that we all had, but were not aware of. All knowledge regarding every civilization, every culture, all science, everything , is inside all of us. The creature and his kind knew this and accepted it as common knowledge. They knew that there really is a universal consciousness amoung species. They used this fact to learn about other species.

So their probes knew to activate the areas of Angie's brain that carried this universal knowledge. But there were still limits to the knowledge the creature and his kind had. Humans were unique. There were other areas of Angie's brain that were also activated that carried latent abilities only humans had. Telepathy, telekiniesis, astral projection, prophecy, levitation, anything and everything that was ever the stuff of myths and legends, the seed of truth behind all stories of magic, sorcerers, witches, and Gods. All of that was there, and the creature, quite by accident, "woke up" Angie. She was more awake than any human had been for millenia. "I want to go home. I want my Mommy!" she thought, and she was instantly standing in her living room, next to her mother.

Angie had also learned about the creature and his kinds intentions for her and her Mommy, and her friends, as well as for her planet and any others they were able to discover that were worth exploiting. She knew that they had no malice towards humans, or anyone else, but what ever needed to be done to provide the maximum benefit for his kind, would, of course, be done. After all, humans had no malice towards their own livestock. But a mallet or an automatic shotgun to the brain was still considered humane on the way to making a hamburger. "Go home!" she thought, and the creature and his ship instantly appeared in orbit above his home world.

Angie's power continued to expand as her brain rediscovered more sources of data and ancient abilities. Angie was a good girl. She really was. She had a truly kind heart. She wouldn't let anything bad happen to anybody, ever, if it was up to her. And suddenly she realized, it was. "I can fix everything! I can make it alright for everybody," she thought, "I can start all over, and make it right this time!"

"In the beginning, God said, 'Let there be light!' And there was light, and it was good."



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