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Poem-On Top Of The World

Updated on November 8, 2014

On Top Of the World

Im on the top just looking down

I can see the whole world

every little town.

It's christmas time

or that's what they say

then why is it i feel this way?

So cold and damp, i am alone

the same as it was when i left home.

It was so long ago so far in the past

but memories go on forever they last.

Everyones laughing and having fun

except for me, i'm having none.

I sit on top and look for you

i look all around, but i'm still blue.

so many days just pass me by

i never see you is their a reason why?

Sudden thoughts come to my mind

will i see you at this christmas time?

Why should i be sad and blue?

I only want to be with you.

You are my father , the only one

without you there is no sun.

The days go so slow, the nights so fast

i could never leave you in the past.

My friends tell me to just let go

how could they say that,

when they just don't know

They don't know what i think or how i feel

to them i'm just dreaming,

none of this is real.

I can't listen to what they say

i wanted to see you this christmas day.

It's 9 am , i'm still on top

i see everyone, but where is my pop?

How much longer must i wait

to feel the love and forget the hate?

I know there is so much i've done wrong

but, i'm so lost,where do i belong?

do you think it's fun to wait for you?

dad do you know what i'm going thru?

Maybe next year at this same time

i will see my dad at christmas time.

VLH 1981

Great Holiday Gift


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