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Once seen, Desire to behold again

Updated on February 26, 2018
Image is not mine. Painter's name is on Picture. All credits to painter.
Image is not mine. Painter's name is on Picture. All credits to painter.

Once seen, and desire to behold again.- A Question from story of Hatimtai

While his parents were waiting for the day, when their brilliant son will make a name and career for himself. Their son was trying to find meaning of life. He by now had read Osho, Ramana Maharshi and many other books, he can lay his hands on.

One day he came to know about some Guru, living in a small village. Who had many powers. He went to meet this Guru, without the knowledge of his parents. For they will never understand his thirst. When he met this Guru, he was immediately impressed. And suddenly achieving heights in career seemed irrelevant then convincing this Guru, to let him stay and have some experience. It took him months to convince his Guru. He insisted, cajoled and kept returning back again and again. And to his joy, one day this Guru agreed. He sat down at his Guru’s feet, and waited as his Guru touched his forehead. He immediately got sucked into a vortex. Which pulled his soul out of his body, to third eye center, with such a force. That his body was unable to cope with so much of energy flow.

And then there is was, blinding LIGHT !! Oh !! The Glory !! But he wasn’t ready yet. First the force of forcibly being uplifted from body and then this blinding light. It became too much to bear. He fell unconscious. It took him hours to regain his consciousness. And then he was never the same. For months he remained in bed. For his body was left very weak. He left his budding career and became recluse. His parents till now, never understood what exactly happened.

Months after, though he started moving around. But still refused to venture out of house. Instead alone in his room, he started experimenting with contemplation. Trying to meditate and concentrate his mind, at third eye centre. Again months passed. At first nothing happened. But the lure of – Once seen, and desire to behold again, kept pushing him, day after day. And there it was... one day mind concentrated enough to grant him .... a vision of his revered Deity. This time he was able to sustain the pressure of upward pull. He was exhilarated. He felt enlightened, humbled but also accomplished. He gave up seeking advice of his Guru. Feeling no need to ask anyone anything now. He had it all.

So what if many days passed before he could achieve another vision. But he was on right track. He was joyous. And his parents dejected. For their brilliant son, didn’t renounce whole world. Or left house, wearing dyed cloths. No. He stayed at home. Talked and laughed. But was showing no inclination to go out in world and earn money. They never understood, what he does behind closed doors of his room, for hours.

Few months later he had another vision, another experience. Of Divine energies dancing to some invisible sound. It was a blissful sight to behold. Joyous souls dancing, in bright lights. Bright enough to blind physical eyes. And colors he could never name. For none of them existed in physical world. Floating in lighted space. These souls emitted perfect bliss and love. Perfect acceptance. He felt drawn enough to watch. But restrained enough to remain a watcher for now. It was a place much like his physical world. But appeared as if made of sparking or luminous cloudy stuff. And though the dancing energies/ souls were ethereal sight, but he never heard any music, during these visions. Oh ! he heard voices. Though no one’s lips moved. It was as if thoughts were heard directly. And he was connected to everyone. But only voices, and joyous laughter. No music. And he never missed music. Lights and colors were enough for him. This vision got him so hooked that it became hard for him to keep balance between his outer and inner realms.

Few years later, to this day, he is still struggling between two worlds. Dependent on his parents for his needs in physical world, he devotes his life to visions of dancing energies. From one vision to another. For him all this is his Deity’s grace. Yes, between one vision and another, there is a gap of weeks. Sometimes months. But not many has, what he has accomplished. He gained some knowledge about his previous births. About various bodies his soul is wearing. He counted up to seven bodies, his soul needs to shed before regaining actual form. But he is no hurry. For now, he is in heaven.

What is he missing ??? From his point of view.... nothing. He pity us, living mundane lives in mundane world. Never knowing the ecstasy of inner Light, and of all those ethereal souls. And the joy of beholding the vision of revered Deity.
Few people he shared his insights with, were awestruck. Few believed that he needs mental check up. For there were evidences enough to support this view. Hadn’t he left budding career, tied himself to house ? What more proof one needs ? Of metal breakdown ?

And once someone tried telling him, there is more to experience. It is merely a beginning. That this is just lower part of astral realm. But his mind has accepted that he has reached final point. He can not fathom that there can be more. He doesn’t feel the need to ask any one. And he will probably never know that there is actually a sound, a music... to which those energies are dancing. And he can be part of it. He will never be able to function normally in this world, while keeping balance with the inner one.. Earn his keep and stay connected to bliss within.

The astral realm is full of more beautiful illusions, then we can ever imagine. But that is what they are... blissful illusions, minus pain and sorrow of illusion of physical realm. And that makes soul reluctant to leave astral world. But one needs to go above illusions. Even Astral ones.

Is it one whole life wasted ? We can keep arguing about this. But no one has perfect answer. As the CREATOR is infinite. So is spirituality. He is living his life in astral illusion. Will his next birth be any better ? Who can say ? For now he in his opinion, living his life in best possible way.

Who are we to think otherwise ??


© 2018 Roohi


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